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life without the great loneliness.

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Why Bommasoft:

  • A lot of loneliness occurs among seniors. Not only with elderly people who live independently at home, but also with residents in a residential care center.
  • Loneliness feelings explain that these seniors do not feel well and therefore get health problems.
  • Preventing the fight against loneliness and social isolation among the elderly therefore deserve the full attention of everyone.
  • Prevent, restore or prevent self-reliance problems or maintain or even increase self-reliance.

Our solution:

Bommasoft consists of a very simple world that is filled with activities such as memory exercises, relaxation and movement.

For whom:

  • Seniors who want to live independently in good health for longer without being lonely.
  • Informal carers who care for a fellow human being from their immediate environment.
  • Residential care center that want more time to care for the seniors.


According to a survey by KU Leuven commissioned by the King Baudouin Foundation, it appears that about half of the over-65 plus in our country feel lonely. In the report of the King Baudouin Foundation, a number of risk factors for loneliness are listed.

  • Only from 75 or 80 years old solitude increases.
  • It would not be about age alone, but about the fact that a higher age is associated with a greater chance of risk factors that determine loneliness, such as poor health or the death of the partner.
  • We count not only more lonely and socially isolated among the oldest seniors, but also among women, widows and widowers and seniors with health problems.
  • The number of social residents is greater among seniors living at home than among seniors in residential care centers with fewer children and a smaller social network.
  • There is more social isolation among the residents of residential care centers who also want more contact more often, especially with their grandchildren.

What do seniors think about Bommasoft themselves?

  • You can work on good health to stay at home and stay active.
  • Keeping in touch with your children, that makes life more pleasant.
  • Being busy, staying active and listening to music.
  • It used to be a poor fact that I usually stayed in my bed, now I get up to set up my computer and the whole world opens without me having to know anything about computers.
  • Have an improved quality of life.



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