Welcome to the original web address for the Mount Royal Improvement Association

The original Bolton Hill website sponsored by the Mt Royal Improvement Association, has been abandoned as the MRIA has adopted a new name: The Bolton Hill Community Association.

Because the orginal web effort at Boltonhill.org- begun in 1997 by D. Rosenthal and joined in 1998 by D. Druckman , was groundbreaking in many ways, a legacy copy of the site may be hosted here. More important than simply showing an archive that preserves graphics and text (that was a whole lot of work by neighbors -many now moved on), the prior site demonstrated a venue for interactive communication for neighbors to become informed, voice a diversity of opinions, and participate in their community - in ways far beyond monthly meetings and announcements.

If there is interest in re-enabling communication within this neighborhood, please do voice this to the new BHCA (pres@boltonhillmd.org), Or, send a note to the sad prior webmaster below. Thanks for stopping by......

Questions? Comments: dd (at) the-advisor (dot) com

Oh, thanks for scrolling down,

Question: So why not use Facebook and other commercial social media venues for neighborhood communications?

Answer: Because users in these venues memorialize their every action, posted need, word and thought, to the sponsoring commercial entity, for at least commercial harvesting (currently ad-serving) and who knows what else - likely training machines to understand community issues......

......and is this is appropriate for the stewardship role of a community association to endorse?

The abandoned Boltonhill.org url from 2/28/14 thru 4/14/18