Surendra's performance absolutely stole the show - and then he got everyone to join in the action...that's what community is all about...

Richard Blofeld, Robert Sandilands School, commenting on their 50th anniversary celebrations.

Surendra has an amazing 'Pied Piper' effect on children.

Teacher, Beedon Primary School

It was brilliant to see him in an actual Bollywood film...he's great!

Year 5 pupil, Inkpen School

Surendra was an inspiration to our students teaching them two songs which they were able to perform to the public and formed part of their exam assessment. His calm, yet charismatic, manner really filled them with confidence.

Ellie Duckham, Head of Dance, Downs Secondary School

It was especially wonderful to see the children who sometimes struggle at school having such a great time...they loved the workshops.

Head Teacher, Hungerford Primary School

Normally our children have lessons that last for just 20 minutes, but Surendra kept them going for 45 minutes so they could learn a whole song. It was amazing to watch.

Deputy Head, Children's Services School

My daughter came home buzzing - now she wants a Bollywood-themed birthday party!

Parent, Hungerford Brownies

We had a fantastic day day: dance, Rangoli artwork, Diwali lantern-making and film clips of Surendra - he even managed to do some henna tattoos on the staff!

Secretary, Ashford Hill School

It's the best thing we have ever done, I do dance after school and I was so excited to do Bollywood dancing as part of our culture week.

Year 6 pupil, St Bede's School, Winchester

It's great: my dad doesn't know how to do 'dad-dancing' - he's awesome!

Prem, son, and serial workshop attendee