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Community Gathering and Fundraiser

In 2019, we started something different with our biennial “Gala” fundraiser. We hoped to encourage a larger number of our Boise High community to join the fun and wanted everyone to feel comfortable. First off, we changed the name from “Gala” and called it a “Community Gathering and Fundraiser.” Keeping a casual vibe and asking everyone to come dressed in their best Boise “date night” attire, the tone was set for a fun and carefree evening. The change seemed to be well received with a record number of attendees and a record amount raised! We were able to raise over $97,000 that will go towards funding teacher grants and additional programs at the school, including just over $21,000 towards the new video screen and projector for the old Boise High Auditorium! Thank you to all who participated and donated!!

Check back in 2021 for details on our next Community Gathering and Fundraiser!