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BHS Alumni Project

The history of Boise High School throughout the years...

High school doesn't last forever, but the lessons you learned and the memories you made will stay with you for the rest of your life.

Boise High School has a unique set of roots. Since its opening in 1881 as the first public high school in Boise, Idaho, BHS has led the way in educational excellence and has developed a loving and supportive community of alumni. Changes in architecture, staff, class size, and demographics fluctuated over time, but the students remained the same: passionate, inclusive, and proud.

Throughout this project, the following themes were found:

Boise High has an amazing web of students. Academically, Boise High ranks highly among other high schools in the nation. Community-wise, it's one of the most accepting. Many alumni felt that the stereotypical high school cliques were a non-issue and nearly everyone was open to being friends with anyone.

Boise High has a phenomenal staff. Keith Carlton, who passed away winter of 2016, was a legendary teacher that taught passionately at BHS for 40 years. Many generations were fortunate to have taken a class with Mr. Carlton, and remember him with high respect and much adoration.

The pride of past students still remains today. Regardless of where alumni traveled after high school, many came back to Boise to settle down, and sent their children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren to Boise High.

This project was created in hopes that the current students and past students of Boise High could see how truly similar we all are, and how fortunate we are to have attended BHS.