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Simran Body Massage Spa is located in the very heart of Lajpat Nagar-1, Delhi Town.

Give the dear man some moments that will help you forget stress and work! Our body massage is the treatment of the entire body and soul with gentle touches and good emotions.

Massage recommended:

  • tension and stress;
  • wishing to recover and accelerate self-help processes;
  • looking for creative inspiration.

Give a meeting with yourself, the discovery of inner powers, deep emotional and physical relaxation!

Session consists of:

Relaxing full body to body massage in delhi 60 min

This is a relaxing and relaxing massage for the whole body, designed for those who are eager to forget, escape from the daily routine, relax from endless work and plunge into the oasis of peace and blessing. This massage, in particular, effectively relaxes the entire muscle of the body, soothes and positively affects the inner well-being, eliminates fatigue, eliminates stress and stress.

Give your beloved moments of joy!


Massage Therapy and its benefits

The benefits of massage has been known for a long time. Since ancient times it was used to treat back problems, rehabilitation after diseases or just for prevention. Today, massage therapy is widely used in medicine (recovery and sports), cosmetology, in the field of neurology and general therapy, and it is useful for young children.

The peculiarity of massage therapy, both for adults and for children, in that he has a positive influence on the body surface receptors, dishes, muscles and internal organs. Regular massages help to strengthen blood circulation, thereby increasing the supply of oxygen to all the cells, improves the general condition and health. Massage also promotes the release of biologically active substances in the blood (particularly for children).

Frequency and duration of therapeutic massage treatments determines the physician individually, taking into account the patient's condition, health problems, which he was concerned, as well as his age. Properly chosen massage technique allows you to quickly and effectively get rid of health problems, reduce pain, and even improve immunity. Today, massage therapy include the rehabilitation program for patients who have long suffered from a chronic illness or suffered any injuries. Therapeutic massage can increase oxygen flow to the muscles, which increases efficiency and improves the patient's well-being.

Therapeutic massage is assigned not only for patients with disorders of the musculoskeletal system, recovering from chronic diseases, but also to healthy patients. In this case, it has a preventive effect and prevents the development of all sorts of diseases, it helps to strengthen the immune system and increase efficiency. You work a lot and gets tired at work? On arrival home, you feel overwhelmed and tired? Properly selected therapeutic massage will help you to relieve stress and cope with fatigue in just a few sessions. Massage techniques, as well as the multiplicity of massage treatments can be determined only specialist.

It is important to remember that any medical procedure, in addition to reading, has some contraindications. Therapeutic massage is not worth doing if the general condition of the patient difficult, when escalated any chronic disease, as well as in other cases. medical consultation will help determine your condition and decide on the advisability of therapeutic massage.

Therapeutic massage also helps to restore the skin's functions. Due massage procedures microorganisms that live on the skin surface are easily removed, cleaned debris trapped in the pores, and the skin is supple and smooth. If a patient has bleeding or swelling in tissues, they are easily removed with the help of massage. Therapeutic massage helps to clean up the metabolism and normalize blood flow. Sebaceous and sweat glands also improved after regular massage treatments.

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