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All massage is by nature sensual: Skilled, sensitive touch allows the mind to switch off, take a break or just wander while you reconnect to the person you are underneath the layers of tension and anxiety.

Massage therapy can help in various situations from simple aches and pains to encouraging recovery after an injury or an operation. It can ease muscular tension or simply provide space and time for relaxation and refuge from the stresses of daily life.

Makes you glad you have a body.

"I would thoroughly recommend a massage from Tim. I have had two or three from him and different each time. I recently had an hour and half which I would go for again - sheer indulgence and absolutely relaxing - as it should be." MH

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Seaside Massage and B&B Retreat in Falmouth, Cornwall

I am a fully qualified and insured practitioner.

I provide a relaxing form of holistic massage, promoting physical and emotional well being.