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Therapeutic massage in gurgaon

Massage - a certain system of techniques of mechanical action on the surface of the human body, tissues and organs. Massage has been known since ancient times in parallel with the use of exercise, bathing and the use of natural factors.

As a result of therapeutic massage, the scales of the epidermis are mechanically removed from the skin, skin respiration is improved, and the secretory processes of the sebaceous and sweat glands are intensified. The skin becomes soft and supple after the therapeutic massage.

Due to the presence of countless receptors in the skin, the skin plays the most important role - to establish the body's connection with the external environment.

The skin is involved in oxidative, metabolic and immunobiological processes of the body. Therapeutic massage, as an effective method of strengthening the functions of the skin, is especially important.

Therapeutic massage increases the efficiency and endurance of muscles. With increasing venous outflow, arterial blood circulation in the massaged area increases, which creates favorable conditions for tissue nutrition.

At medical massage of a stomach arterial pressure at patients with a hypertensive disease decreases.

Depending on the techniques, therapeutic massage acts on superficial and deeper tissues, but its action reflexively affects the functions of organs and systems. Therapeutic massage benefits the whole body.

Therapeutic massage has a calming effect on the nervous system. Therapeutic massage regulates the autonomic functions of the body: respiration, blood circulation, digestion, hematopoietic function.

Preventive massage, in contrast to therapeutic, is not aimed at the treatment of existing painful conditions caused by functional disorders, but primarily to prevent their occurrence and development. At the increased emotional and physical loadings preventive massage interferes with depressive states and fatigue.

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