Nutrition & Weight Loss

When it comes to health and permanent fat loss, nutrition is the most important and critical component of health.

Unfortunately, it is also the most neglected and abused aspect of most individual’s lifestyles.

Without proper nutrition, you’re only getting about a 30% of the results that you could get if you could simply make better food choices. When it comes to fat loss and optimal energy levels, nutrition can be up 80-90% of the results. Now, we are by no means saying that the other components are not important, but if your nutrition is being neglected or abused, you could be negating all the hard work that you put into the gym – and that would be a waste!

Too often people lose weight only to “find” it again, gaining all the weight back plus more. I’m sure you’ve heard of people losing 100lbs – losing 10 lbs, 10 times, each time becoming larger and larger with each failed attempt. This yo-yo cycle is defeating and traumatic on your body andyour emotions!

Here at Body by Design, we want you to see PERMANENT results, meaning that you won’t be “finding” that weight again once you’ve gotten rid of it! We teach you how to eat in a way that best suits YOU. Our goal is to make you independent and knowledgeable with your food choices so you can keep that great looking body and high level of energy for the rest of your life!

Nutritional sessions are taught specific to what will best benefit YOU – Your health, your lifestyle, your needs.

In each 60 minute nutritional session, you’ll learn how to customize your eating to best suit what you need. Modifications are made in such a way that your lifestyle feels like it’s been polished rather than overhauled. Gradual, healthy progression is our approach to your permanent results!

Note: When you train with a Body by Design Trainer, nutritional changes are implemented throughout the training phases, so you can adjust your lifestyle in a way that is gradual and non-intimidating, to change your eating habits permanently.