How We're Different

How Do We Plan Your Fitness GPS?

Body by Design uses many different forms of training in order to give you the most personalized approach to train you, for your specific needs.

One of these modalities is called the Feldenkrais Method, developed by Dr. Moche Feldenkrais. The Feldenkrais Method is a form of therapeutic movement that uses movement as a vehicle to retrain your brain's neuropathways in order to rehabilitate injuries. This method uses both kinesthetic movements and auditory instructions to rewire your brain's movement GPS system when in a calm, meditative state. The result: is rapid rehabilitation from injuries, elimination of chronic injuries and a more efficient, limber body.

Within just one session clients are able to see improvements in mobility and a dramatic decrease in pain.

The Process:

  • Free Phone Consultation – We start by listening and really understanding both your physical needs and goals. From there, a game plan is clear. We plan out a step by step “map” of how we will work together to get you from point A to point B – your fitness GPS.
  • Physical Assessment – After we’ve understood your goals, it’s time for us to see what your body is telling us. Prior to starting any fitness plan, we ALWAYS do a fitness assessment to guarantee that your program is completely tailored to your body. This is where we learn as much as we can about you. In this 60 to 90 minute session we together learn things that you may not even know about your body, such as:
  • Muscular Imbalances – We prevent future injury by looking at any imbalances in your body that are affecting you. Just like a suspension bridge that is out of balance, if your body is out of balance, something eventually will give – leading to an injury. We check your body’s balance to ensure that we re-balance the body and keep your framework healthy and strong!
  • Core Stability (or instability!) – A strong core = strong body. The core is the basis of your framework. This is where all your strength comes from, if this area is weak, this is also your weakest link. A weak core is like that suspension bridge with no supporting beams, it’s only a matter of time before the bridge will give out. We want to ensure that you feel confident in your body, so it’s important to us to analyze your core strength to make sure we get you to your best potential!
  • Heart Health – We check the state of your heart health by taking you through a light and monitored cardiovascular assessment. We have your heart tell us how efficient it is at adjusting to the work that it has just done. This gives us a clear idea on how much emphasis we need to put on your cardiovascular training.
  • Muscle Tightness – We check your flexibility to ensure optimal posture and health. This is also how we prevent injuries and help to rehabilitate any previous injuries that may still be affecting you.
  • Body Fat – This is everyone’s favorite (NOT!), this is where we measure you to see where you’re starting at. This is essentially your “Point A” on your Fitness GPS.
  • Movement Analysis – Depending on the state of your body (injuries, health, etc), you have the option of having us analyze your body’s movements to ensure that you are using the correct muscles for any given movement task. During this assessment, we check for dormant muscles that are not working, so we can work on reactivating them and getting your body back into balance. Making you move correctly means that you can achieve your best physical fitness!

Based on your results in your assessment and goals from your consultation we can create the most customized program for YOU.

We start you in you customized training plan by covering ALL aspects of health:

  • Resistance training
  • Stretching/Flexibility
  • Cardio
  • Nutrition ***The most important (and unacknowledged) component when the goal is permanent changes in your physique.***

Phase One: Core Strength, Postural Awareness & Control

This is the phase where we need to spend the most attention on making sure you’re activating the right muscles. It’s the difference between simply going through the motions or maximizing your results for the time that you’re putting into your workout.

This is also where we emphasize the importance of proper eating. We teach you how you can be independent with your body by teaching you to make the best food choices. By teaching you how to make wise decisions with your eating, you can maintain your results – PERMANENTLY!

Phase Two: Personalization

Now that you’re well on your way to your goals (mid point on your destination), we want to put the ownership even more in your hands. We like to call this the “Santa’s Wishlist Phase” this is the phase that you tell us what further changes you want to see and we make sure that your lifestyle plan is based on those goals!

Nutrition is very much still emphasized in this phase and educational sessions are included throughout this phase to keep you motivated and “on course” with your goals.

Phase Three: Advance Training Techniques

You’re now almost at your destination point of your goals! You have now made this In this phase we work on keeping the Fun Factor high by implementing advanced training techniques. Varying up the styles of training that you do.

By this point you know how to eat, what to eat and when to eat. You’ve learned how to make great choices while you shop as well as how to make the best choices when you’re out and about. We keep you on track with your eating, but by now, you’re pretty knowledgeable on how to eat and what to feed yourself (and your family).

We talk about that “inner chatter” to help guide you emotionally to the goal physique and lifestyle that you are driving towards. This is a key component of ensuring that you maintain your results when you achieve them, as your mind must believe that you deserve and can maintain this body for the rest of your life. Without this, this Fitness GPS is only taking you on a vacation, where you go from Point A to Point B, only to drive back home to Point A again. But when we work on your mental and emotional state, making you aware of your negative self-talk, we can create a healthy, new story about your body, so you can go from Point A to Point B and make that a permanent move.

Phase Four: Maintenance and Lifestyle

You’ve now got yourself to a point where you are happy with your body and you have made a lifestyle change. In this phase, we teach you how to continue to make these results permanent, so you never have to go back to Point A.

In this phase we focus on being aware of your self-talk and help you maintain a healthy lifestyle by keeping honest with yourself. This is the final phase, the most independent and empowering phase.

This is where we make your new fitness level and physique – a permanent state of YOU.

Specialty Personal Training

Train one-on-one with your trainer to get the most personalized program customized to your individual needs.


Rehabilitation and any health requirements always take top priority in your personalized program.

Client Policies:

  • Client must complete the waiver, Health Screen (Par-Q) and Lifestyle & Goal Setting Questionnaire.
  • It is the responsibility of the client to inform, Body by Design, his/her personal trainer of any conditions or changes in health, now and ongoing, which could affect the ability to exercise safely with minimal risk of injury.
  • The client is not obligated to to perform nor participate in any activity that s/he does not wish to perform. Its the client’s right to refuse such participation at any time of the training session(s).
  • It is understood that the results of any fitness program cannot be guaranteed and that the progress depends on genetics, environment, client effort, external activities (ex. nutrition, leisure activities) and the cooperation of the client to adhere to the program.
  • Sessions are up to 55 minutes in duration. Should the client arrive late, the sessions will be reduced by the same amount of time. Body by Design is not obligated to provide a full training session beyond the time that was scheduled.
  • Sessions are based on a pre-pay basis. Upon determination of number of sessions to be purchased, and the start and expiry date of the sessions, payment must be made prior to engaging in the said sessions.
  • Sessions are based on scheduled appointments. 24 hour notice is required to cancel an appointment for no charge. Sessions cancelled with less than 24-hour notice will be charged as a regular session.
  • Personal training sessions are to be paid to Ashley Leong only. Cash and cheques are made payable to Body by Design Personal Fitness Training Inc.
  • Refunds: Fees paid for personal training sessions are refundable ONLY for those sessions not used, up to 10 days after the purchased date. A $20 refund fee is deducted on all refunds. A $20 refund fee plus an additional 3.5% of the total refund is deducted from the refund for all credit card refunds.
  • Client understands that if a request for a copy or copies of clinical files are made, a minimum fee of $50 will apply. However please note that the hourly administration rate is $175 per hour for requested reports. Clinical records are based on file size (small $100, medium $150, large $195). This policy stands even after our contract/treatment/claim is complete.
  • Client authorizes Body by Design to use his/her photos in social media platforms, before and after results and other marketing needs. The client also agrees to provide a testimonial and google review upon satisfaction of service.