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The unique experience provided by the Balinese body massage of Indian Thai Original Massage begins at the first moment you enter the facilities of our center, decorated to create a traditional atmosphere at the same time cozy.

The massage room designed for couples is conditioned and set with respect for tradition, at the same time that it will envelop you with a halo of intimacy and comfort.

Our expert qualified masseurs will take you inside this specific room to make you comfortable with the outfits we have brought expressly from Thailand.

Here begins the journey to the island of Bali and towards relaxation to connect as a couple. To share magical moments of relaxation, peace and physical and mental harmony.


The Balinese Massage combines the techniques of Traditional Thai Massage with the application of essential oils.

The essential oils come from different sources of nature such as jasmine, rose, sage or sandalwood. Each oil provides its therapeutic properties both in its topical application on the skin, nourishing it with its active ingredients, and in the fragrances that will envelop you during the treatment.

In this aspect, the relaxation comes from the gentle stretches and massages performed by our professional masseurs and the benefits of aromatherapy.

The soft aromas that emanate from the oils merge with the stretches and pressures of the hands. This massage is designed to work almost all the muscles of the body, and combines the delicacy with the depth of the treatment.

Traditional therapy

The Balinese Massage with essential oils is based on gentle stretching and the application of a medium pressure, which promotes relaxation and eliminates the tension of the body and mind.

During the massage, the mind calms down and the inner energy is balanced. The therapeutic results of this variety of Thai Massage translates into restoring together, and in pairs, the vital energy by rebalancing body, mind and spirit.

In this sense, we can say that the Balinese Massage combines two extremes from the therapeutic point of view, as it is relaxing as well as energetic.

To give a brief brushstroke on the benefits of this massage we can say that it is an ally against sleep and anxiety disorders, reactivates blood circulation, rejuvenates and moisturizes the skin, fights muscle and joint pain, tones muscles and open the energy channels.

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