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Our massages last for the time advertised. Unlike some other businesses, which include the time you take dressing and undressing as part of your "hour" massage, we count our time from when we start working till the hour or half hour is up. Our price for a 45 minute massage is about the same as local prices for those other kind of "hour" massages. We usually have half hour gaps between appointments, which keep us on schedule so we don't make you wait, and make us more flexible if you are running behind or come in a little early. On rare occasions we have to shorten an appointment if you are late, but you will only be charged for the actual time.

Female to male full body massage in ludhiana is always a better choice for you to rejuvenate your mind body with help of natural products. Many, many chronic aches and pains and headaches prove to be simple matters, leftovers from some earlier trauma, and can be dealt with in 1-3 sessions, allowing you to get on with your life with far fewer and milder episodes of pain or headache. We understand that life is not always predictable, so we appreciate it if you can call ASAP when you realize you will not be able to make an appointment or need to reschedule. Someone else may want your time slot. We have found most people are considerate, and we try to be flexible for them.