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How to make a relaxing back massage

After a hard day's exhausting, when the body is exhausted both physically and mentally, there is nothing better than a relaxing massage. The effect is enhanced if it is done hands of a loved one. Of course, massage massage difference. And in order to increase the likelihood that he will like your loved one, you can see the special education classes.

favor of

Enjoy a relaxing massage is obvious, it is:

activates the metabolism;

improves body tone;

improves the condition of the skin;

eliminates symptoms of fatigue and stress;


restores a sense of inner harmony;

eliminates muscle spasms;

strengthens the immune defense,


normalizes function of internal organs and the musculoskeletal system;

It stimulates the production of energy;

is the prevention of diseases of the nervous system.

Prepare the environment

It is important before starting the massage to create a pleasant atmosphere. The room should be comfortable and warm, to a sense of harmony only contributed to peace and relaxation. Light a candle in the room necessary. Large number of them in beautiful candlesticks create an intimate atmosphere. Turn on the quiet, melodious music, perfectly suited for this nature sounds or classical music. Background music should be quiet and unobtrusive.

Aromatherapy was made for a relaxing massage in delhi. During the session, you can light aroma lamp with "tasty" pleasant, light aroma. It is important not to overdo it, because a strong, pungent smell will only interfere. Typically, massage lessons recommend the use of the usual flavors, such as orange.



chronic fatigue;


decreased immunity;

muscle rigidity;

emotional instability;

stress and fatigue;

psychosomatic diseases;


the procedure

For the procedure must be enough space, for example, making a relaxing body massage in delhi for men, women should be comfortable and move around massazhiruemogo, the partner should also comfortably lie down to nothing around it did not stop doing. For massage suited king-size bed or just put a blanket on the floor.

Best massage oil, but you can use olive oil. After a meal you need to wait an hour and only then begin the procedure. Relaxing back massage, foot, head, better to start with a warm bath, it helps to warm up and prepare the muscles. It is not necessary to communicate during the procedure, better keep silence and an air of mystery.

If you have mastered the lessons of massage, the rest of the creative process. Just feel the human body and trust your hands. If a back massage and other body parts will improvise something and feeling afterwards will be more enjoyable. The main thing is not to harm, massage contraindications are acute respiratory infections, severe spinal injury, exacerbation of chronic diseases, allergic or fungal diseases of the skin, recovery after surgery. At the beginning of the procedure familiarize yourself with the body, feel the breath of a loved one, start with the muscles that are most stretched. For example, women are better to start with a foot massage, because she spends all day on their feet. Massage movements should be soft, flavorful and not hurt.

Any lessons on the massage will show you that you need to start the process with a light touch and stroking movements. Further, they become more powerful and deep, interspersed with grinding. At this time there is warming up the muscles with the elimination of spasm and increased blood flow. Complete the massage is necessary as well as the start. After the procedure, the body relaxes, you need to lie down, rest should not immediately jump and move actively.


Relaxing back massage is performed to reduce muscle tone, eliminate pain, improve joint mobility and elasticity of ligaments. It is this part of the human body, due to the fact that it occupies a large part of it, is the most significant area of energy. massage concludes movements such as rubbing, kneading, effleurage, pressing, felting, vibration and stroking.

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