Body to Body Massage in MG Road Gurgaon

Preventive protection for all your body with herbal oil. Wonderful massage to restore the body, complete recharge with new energy!

Massage combined with a warm herbal rug, palm zone therapy to boost immunity and stimulate blood circulation!

Trust the qualified masseurs at the Body Spa Center in MG Road Gurgaon!

Choose a great massage for yourself or give a massage voucher for a nearby person's.

Give health and love!

The offer includes:

Pain-relieving massage with herbal Oil on your back or whole body (according to the purchased voucher) combined with a warm herbal sofa (an herbal mat that heats the body during the procedure)

The voucher also includes zoning of hands and palms

Duration of the procedure: 60 minutes for the package: whole body massage, zoning on the palms

Procedure: warm herbal rug

Hot herbal tea to stimulate immunity

More about the procedure:

Massage with Muesli Tea has a healing, relaxing and therapeutic effect. Great therapy can be for all people who find it difficult to change the season to cold weather. The massage recharges the body whole with new energy and heats the body through blood circulation techniques and warming therapies.

During the massage, the client is massaged with Mueslian tea oil and his body also enjoys therapy with a warm herbal massage on which massage is lying.


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Rediscover the peace with classical massage ..

The five main techniques of the massage are concentrated on the back and shoulders of the classical massage method, which is applied to the whole body in a certain order and order. The classic massage application, which begins with the removal of dead tissue from the skin accompanied by various oils, focuses on relieving the body without exerting excessive pressure. Different massage methods are applied in certain rankings, focusing on the distribution of muscle spasms and edema.


From the distant lands to you, for you ..

The Balinese massage takes its name from Bali, a small volcanic island of Indonesia. The Bali massage, which is applied to the whole body with strong movements, provides relief in the body by accelerating the blood circulation and reducing the muscle tension as in most other types of massage. Balinese massage is different from other types of massage. This is because the nerve endings on all sides of the body are directly connected to certain points under the foot. These points are applied to the whole body to apply pressure to loosen. Balinese massage uses its own Bali Santi oils.


Health massage with sports ..

Sports massage; It protects the body from the damaging effects of cramps, muscle stiffness and prevents fiber breaks and muscle injuries. Because it promotes blood circulation; Helps to eliminate toxin and edema from the body, facilitates the work of the heart and circulatory system. It relaxes the body in general and allows us to feel physically better together with psychological relief.


Let your soul rest with the aromatic scents,

It is a massage method which is applied by using massage oils prepared from plant extracts. Attention in this massage, the tempo is low, the intensity of movements is light. It is a relaxing massage. The effect of this massage is both the contact and the chemical properties of the applied oil.

Deep Tissue Massage

Feel your whole body relax.

Deep Tissue Massage is a type of massage which stimulates the blood circulation, provides the removal of the toxins from the deepest muscles, and is effective in solving the tension and knots that have formed over time. During the massage, the muscles of hard pressing are emphasized, the energy flow in the body is stimulated and the balance of the body is tried to be provided. Deep tissue massage, arthritis, chronic joint pain, pain after exercise is an ideal method of solving problems.


Discover magic with healing fingers ...

Shiatsu, which has been practiced since ancient times, means ‘finger suppression Antik. Shiatsu massage, which has the same philosophy as acupuncture, aims to improve the flow of energy, thus the related organs, by applying pressure manually to certain points of the body. From a scientific point of view, Shiatsu can soothe the over-working nervous system, accelerate blood circulation, release stretched muscles and reduce stress.


Renew your energy with thermotherapy ..

The hot stone massage is based on the volcanic lava stones being heated in hot water and placed at certain key points of the body. These stones accelerate the blood circulation by creating a thermotherapy effect on the body with their long-term protection properties and accelerate the metabolism by allowing the body to get in contact with more oxygen. This care provides not only physical but also spiritual and mental relief.


Experience the impact of healing hands on the peaks of Elemor Mixle ..

Selecting the most special and most relaxing techniques of Swedish, Bali, Thai and Aroma Therapy massages, the Elemor Mix Massage has a relaxing and relaxing feature. You will feel more alive and rested with the energy of this massage which surrounds your soul and your body with the aromatic scents.


Let the healing hands dance in your soul.

Lomi Lomi Nui, a Hawaiian massage, is massaged with rhythmic movements with arms and elbows. The therapist's movements are more like a dance and the massage is done around the person in the harmony. Fun and very different application. With the help of long and fluid massage movements and elbows, which are changing and interconnected with the lower arm, the joints are loosened, the soul is released and a deep feeling of relaxation awakens.


Experience the impact of healing hands on the peaks of Elemor Mixle ..

Selecting the most special and most relaxing techniques of Swedish, Bali, Thai and Aroma Therapy massages, the Elemor Mix Massage has a relaxing and relaxing feature. You will feel more alive and rested with the energy of this massage which surrounds your soul and your body with the aromatic scents.


Feet are the mirrors of our bodies.

The feet are the mirror of our body is the principle of the traditional and the Far Eastern traditional medicine is a part of this massage that constitutes an indispensable part of the foot base is applied pressure to certain points. Each standing point represents certain organs and points in the body. Reflexology is a kind of balance massage. Makes the person feel physically and psychologically good.


With the healing power, the body is renewed.

Medical Massage in our country, although not very popular in the world is a type of massage used. We cause excessive wear of our organs and muscles for various reasons, such as heavy work conditions, stress unbalanced sleep, excessive fatigue. Medical massage has a significant effect on healing power and renewal of our body.


Please say goodbye to your cellulite.

Cellulite Massage helps to reduce the diameter of the vessels by accelerating and improving the subcutaneous blood circulation. Thus, the blood supports regular flow in the legs. Reorganization of the blood circulation allows the cells to get better oxygen and remove toxic substances from the body.


It brings life to your body, your soul.

Thai (Thai) massage in its traditional form is a kind of Eastern body work therapy based on the treatment of body, mind and soul. Therapy involves wrapping electromagnetic or energetic areas through pressure and / or manipulative massage that surround the body, flowing through the body and bringing life to it. Thai massage is similar to acupressure, yoga, zen shiatsu and is inspired by Buddhist teachings. Massage consists of rhythmic pressure and stretching applications.