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Massage therapy is one of the simplest and oldest forms of medicine. It is mentioned in Chinese medical literature 2700 years before Christ.

Even Hippocrates, the father of Western medicine, wrote in the 5th AD that "a doctor should be experienced in many things, but especially in massaging ... massaging can bind a loose joint and loosen a joint that is too tight. ".

Just think of our first reaction when we hit our toes or our heads. Instinctively, we begin to probe the affected area. Or is it the first thing we do when it comes to a calming twitch in a quiet night ...? Immediately we get there and start pushing. These completely natural, genetically encoded reactions show the very essence of massage. This is all proof that the human touch has healing power.

Whatever the symptom or disease, massage involves the concept that the soft tissues of the body, muscles, fascia, joints and tendons respond to touch. Thus, "therapeutic massage" refers to the manipulation of the soft tissues of the body to prevent and eliminate pain, malaise, muscle spasms, and stress, and to improve general health.

The benefits of massage are priceless, considering that it affects virtually every organ and system of the body. In addition to well-being, research has also shown that massage reduces stress, blood pressure, heart rate, improves circulation, including lymphatic system circulation, promotes excretion of toxins, stimulates endorphin production (which is the body's natural painkiller).

Our Spa offers autumn-winter massages:

Honey massage

Honey is a pure and natural substance with a very high mineral and vitamin content. Honey binds water, leaving the skin moisturized for a long time, preventing it from drying out due to environmental influences! Honey has a great detoxifying effect on the entire body surface and is suitable for dehydrating. Highly recommended for: joint and rheumatic problems, calcification and muscle fever!

Cocoa butter - coconut massage

Known for its incredible skin nourishing properties, cocoa butter has a high moisture replacement capacity. Coconut oil accelerates the slimming of the abdominal region, relieves oxidative stress and has an extremely anti-wrinkle effect.

Cinnamon oil massage

Cinnamon has an antibacterial anti-inflammatory effect. Its antioxidant content is high. Cinnamon essential oil stimulates the skin's blood circulation, has analgesic and antiseptic properties.

Chocolate coffee massage

A chocolate massage gives you a wonderful feeling. Moisturizes and elasticizes the skin. It is lipid and fat-breaking. The chocolate provides a feeling of happiness and a relaxing effect. High in vitamin B1, B2 and B3, extremely rich in iron and essential in nutrients and antioxidants to protect skin cells from harmful free radicals. Chocolate massage is the most endorphin-producing, soul-affecting treatment. Anti-stress and well-being have a chewing effect. Coffee has an excellent effect on cellulite, relieves fat deposits, as it stimulates the skin's oxygen supply and detoxification through the lymphatic system.

Massage with oily massage

Due to the high menthol content of the Japanese mint, it has an invigorating, refreshing and cooling effect. Especially recommended after exercise, it helps to relax tired muscles.

How does massage help us?

Massage enhances relaxation

With the effect of the massage, our thoughts and feelings become clearer and calmer, and our busy world can be excluded for a while. The combination of soft meditation music and environment helps to relax and relax our body.

Massage stimulates circulation

Massage improves blood and lymphatic circulation, strengthens the immune system, promotes excretion of waste products, regulates hormone balance, and relieves pain.

It promotes relaxing sleep

Massage relaxes tense muscles and has a calming effect on the nervous system, which causes the body's rhythm to slow down. This results in lower blood pressure, slower heart rate, deeper and regular breathing, and the conditions for a restful sleep.

Relieves stress

Massage activates the parasympathetic nervous system, thereby counteracting the body's negative response to stress, relieving the involuntary tension of the muscles, and allowing the restoration of the normal heart rhythm and circulatory system. Relieves stress. Stress from daily stress often disrupts sleep, fatigue, irritability and emotional exhaustion.

Effects of massage on the skin

Massage causes blood congestion and temperature rise in the skin. The use of catches contributes to the better nutrient supply of the tissues and stimulates cell metabolism. As a result of smoothing and rubbing catches, dead epithelial cells detach from the skin surface, producing deeper skin cells and increasing their growth. They help preserve the skin's natural elasticity and increase its tone. During the massage, the skin's toxin excretion increases and contributes to the balanced functioning of the body's thermoregulatory processes.

Massage relieves pain

Massage helps to relieve the pain-inducing condition and, in itself, it has an analgesic effect. The masseur, with his hand, stimulates the sensory nerve endings of the tissues to temporarily block the delivery of painful stimuli to the brain. It forces the brain to select endorphins, which relieves pain and discomfort without the use of drugs.

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