Severance: Blade of darkness




· My goal is to achieve greater versatility and a more intense gaming experience, improving the original. To do this, I have added many new improvements and adapted other known improvements. There are 173 complex modifications in a single "mod", improving the whole game in general!

This "mega-mod" was programmed from the original files, modifying only the Python code.

- Special thanks to:

The Rebel Act Studios team. Mingyue. Sryml. Prospero. Ubaid. Borer.

- And also, thanks to:

Sir Random, Masklin, Cuthberth, IrateGiant, PigVomit, Amlach, Tomash, SFB, Dogchicken, Sabre, Reaper Modz...


· To play with this "mega-mod", the newly installed game must be modified, replacing the original configuration. In fact, you can play this modified version without having to install any additional programs, you just have to replace all the original files, with the modified ones, in their respective directories.

The folders and their files can be copied directly, since the paths of the directories and their subdirectories are the same.

- INCLUDES THE UPDATE FOR "Blade of Darkness, version 1.01"; and other utilities:

· The update of “Blade.exe” and its Libraries “* .dll” are included.

· Video options are included: “rOpenGL”, “r3Dfx Voodoo 1-2”. For Windows 7 and Windows 10. It is recommended to always update these video modes. Graphics modes depend on hardware compatibility to function properly; not all graphic modes will work correctly on all computers, nor on all Operating Systems.

· The "Reshade" program is included, with its "shaders" installed; and with an example “preset”, already configured. It is recommended to always update all the "shaders"; and configure the "preset" in detail, depending on the computer.


· Due to the new high definition textures, all map loads will take longer than before.

· Also due to the complexity of the code, more RAM and more CPU power are necessary; so that the game does not slow down. For proper operation, at least 4 GB of RAM is recommended; and also at least Dual Core CPU and a graphic card with more than 1 GB are recommended. If the “Reshade” program is used to improve the graphic appearance, The requirements will be higher: at least 8 GB of RAM; Quad Core CPU and a graphic card with more than 2 GB are recommended.

· I recommend to use 1280x1024 resolution; so that the images and letters of the menus, the Travel Diary and the dialogues, should be correctly positioned on the screen.


· I have divided the "Hyperborean Mega-Mod" into more versions, trying to organize all the pending work that I want to do; (the list of improvements and modifications already has 19 pages in A4 format). Don't worry, these errors that inhibit saving-loading, are corrected.

· Version 1.6 consists in to add new events and dialogues on all maps; are: 32% finished.

I am already developing Version 1.7, which consists in to add 40 achievements and 12 complex rewards, that change the whole game; are: 76% finished.

And also, the Version 1.8, which consists of many more "game modes" and others complex gameplay improvements; in addition to HD textures; are: 87% finished.

· State of the work:

In V1.5.2, the improvements finished are: 75.

In V1.8, the new improvements finished are: 73. In progress are 25.

Total improvements, in April of 2021, are: 173.


· Please, in Spanish or English. Thank you.

Links of interest:

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Link to my Youtube channel. There you can see some tests of new features:

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