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So when you use keywords for SEO, make the text around them informative and engaging, especially the first place where your keywords show up. This is often your lens title or introduction, so that's where you should apply spit and polish. You need to do three things: inform, saying exactly what your lens is about, grab the search engine by the throat, i.e. give the keywords that will drag the search engine to that part of your lens, and be sexy, making your writing appeal to your audience. (If you're aiming for stuffy academics or serious businesspeople, you probably shouldn't do a pole dance, just use the kind of language they love).

Squidoo SEO Bingo

After your lens shows Google referrals in its stats, try Googling the same keywords your visitors used. One, you'll see how far back your lens is in Google searches, and two, you'll see the blurb that your visitors saw. Tweak as needed! (As a bonus, updates give your lensrank a wee boost.)

Finally -- this is something I'm still working on -- be brief. Use as few words as possible, to get as much of your message as possible into the excerpt.

Optimize Your Google Listing!

In Google's results, you'll see your lens title, the first 156 characters of your introduction module (if you're luckyl), or the first 75 characters.

Use this Google Results Optimizer tool to preview what Google is most likely to display for your lens!

This is your billboard. MAKE IT GREAT.

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