2019 Bob Pike Workshop


世界級培訓大師Bob Pike(鮑勃.派克)的創意教學技巧,今年榮登ATD (美國人才發展協會)國際年會中最熱門的場次。Bob Pike在ATD國際年會演講40多年,其演講在參加人數或是滿意度都是冠中之冠。其創意教學技巧以學習效果為導向,名聞全球。11月份Bob Pike親自來台講授,歡迎講師保握機會,讓教學技巧精益求精!

About Bob Pike

CPLP Fellow, CSP,

CPAE-Speakers Hall of Fame

Since 1987 he has written and published Bob Pike’s Training and Performance Forum Newsletter. He has created and produced more than a dozen video training programs. His Creative Training and Presentation Techniques video program produced with the British Broadcasting Company (BBC) won the best business to business video award from the Specialty Audio Video Association. Since 1969 he has designed and delivered more than 600 training programs of one day or longer. His first foray into distance learning was in 1989 when he led a 4 hour fully interactive satellite delivered training on Creative Presentation Strategies sponsored by the American Society for Training and Development (ASTD) (now ATD) and delivered to over 2100 people in 300 locations for the United States Chamber of Commerce.

Bob frequently keynotes and does workshops at conferences around the world. He has been among the top 3 presenters in both attendance and ratings at every Training Magazine Conference as well as every ASTD International Conference since 1977.

He served as a member of the board of directors for ASTD, the National Speakers Association (NSA), and the International Alliance for Learning (Accelerated Learning). In 2007 the Instructional systems Association presented him with its’ “Thought Leader” award and in the same year a survey by TrainingIndustry.com named Bob one of the 20 most influential people in training and performance worldwide.

Who Should Attend

1. New trainers wanting to start training not with lecture – but by fully involving their participants

2. Experienced trainers who want to increase the results that participants get from their training

3. Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) who must deliver training programs

4. Providers of Workshops, Seminars, and Conferences

90 day Follow-up/ Implementation Strategy

The class has a 90 day implementation/follow-up strategy embedded in it. The focus is on achieving results in the workplace with what was learned. The class will start before the actual first session with each participant completing an in-depth assessment questionnaire – as well as completing a learning contract with their manager. It will continue during the class as participants develop both learning partners and accountability partners. During the class each participant will develop an action plan to be implemented in the 90 days following the class sessions. It begins with a post-session meeting with their manager to get signoff on the plan – and agreement of support from the manager.

It continues with weekly meetings with accountability partners to encourage, support, and celebrate milestones achieved in implementation. There will be a once monthly webcast with Bob Pike where he will answer questions submitted during the month.

Special Features

1. A personally autographed copy of Bob Pike's "Master Trainers Handbook”

2. A Master Class Train the Trainer Workbook

3. Master Class workshop certificate

4. Personal Training Transfer Action Plan

5. Your own copy of Bob's Performance Solutions Cube™

Four Modules

Module 1. Getting Results from Training: The Performance Solutions Cube – and The Transfer of Training Strategy

Module 2. Getting to the C.O.R.E. of Training - Closers, Openers, Revisiters, and Energizers

Module 3. Bob’s Instructor-led, Participant-Centered Models – and How to Apply Them

Module 4. Memory and Learner Motivation

Module 1. Getting Results from Training

A. Scrap Learning (30 minutes) – Training that does not transfer is considered waste – or ‘scrap.’ Participants will explore how Scrap Learning can be measured and reduced using appropriate transfer of training strategies. They will select from 27 transfer strategies and build application to their TW.

B. Bob Pike's Performance Solution Cube™ (30 minutes)-- Participants will examine 5 performance solutions other than training - and how to have a conversation that focuses on the results to be achieved. They will apply this knowledge to a series of video clips.

C. Transfer of Training Strategy – (50 minutes) Participants, Managers, and Trainers can all impact the transfer of training. Participants will explore over 163 practical strategies for ensuring the transfer of training - and pick specific strategies to apply to their own training programs.

D. Reflection time/Action Planning/Q&A (30 minutes) (This will activity will appear throughout the training, but will be done differently each time)

Module 2. Getting to the C.O.R.E. of Training

A. Most trainers don't Close –(45 minutes) they just run out of time. In this module you'll learn the three tests of an effective close - the Closing ACT -- Action Planning, Celebration, and Tying things together. Throughout the program at least a dozen different ways to close will be modeled and you'll have the opportunity to adapt these to your own training programs.

B. Openers –(45 minutes) Most trainers don't open -- they just start dumping content. In this segment you'll experience the three keys of a powerful opener - raising the BAR -- Breaking preoccupation through involvement, Allowing time for networking, and being Relevant to the specific course content. You'll understand the difference between an icebreaker (which you will never use again) and an opener.

Throughout the class you will experience a dozen different ways to close -- and explore how to adapt them for your own content. You'll also identify the one thing 90% of all trainers do to end a program -- that should NEVER be done at the end of the program -- and why this same thing should be done at the BEGINNING of the program!

C. Revisiters – (45 minutes) One of the worst things a trainer can say is "Let's review." Yet Bob estimates that over 70% of the trainers he observes for clients will use that phrase. It’s a signal for participants to tune out because it's content that's already been covered -- and just because you've said it, doesn't mean that they've learned it. We know from research that key learning points must be REVISITED at least 6 times to move from short-term memory to long-term memory.

Review is when the instructor says it again; REVISIT is when participants are re-engaged in the content. More than 24 ways to revisit content will be modeled -- and you'll adapt at least five for your own training.

D. Energizers – (45 minutes) How do you get class energy back up when it lags -- and it will -- several times a day? Most trainers try talking faster or putting someone on the spot with a question. These methods don't work. Involvement and movement are the keys. More than 6 ways to involve your participants – and get them to move – will be modeled. You’ll adapt at least two for your own training.

Reflection time/Action Planning/Q&A (30 minutes) (This will activity will appear throughout the training, but will be done differently each time)

Module Application 45 minutes with a learning partner

Module 3. Bob’s Instructor-led, Participant-Centered Models

A. The 90/20/8 (4) Rule ( 30 minutes) Adults listen with understanding for 90 minutes, they only listen with retention for 20 minutes. We need to change the pace every 8 minutes. This workshop models how to do that.

B. CPR – (30 minutes) We chunk all of our content into maximum chunks of 20 minutes – and in this chunk we have: content, participation, and opportunities to anchor the content through revisiting (not reviewing)

C. CIO – (30 minutes) There is a social dynamic in training – first people want to feel in control – or safe. Next they want to be included. Finally they are willing to be open. The section will reveal how this was modeled in the workshop – and how you can apply it in your own training.

Reflection time/Action Planning/Q&A (30 minutes) (This will activity will appear throughout the training, but will be done differently each time)

Module Application with Accountability Partners (50 minutes)

Module 4. Four Memory and Learner Motivation

A. The Seven Ways to Remember Anything (45 minutes) You can’t use what you can’t remember. People don’t have poor memories – they have untrained memories. You’ll experience 7 ways to remember anything – and how to apply it to your own content!

B. Windowpaning and How to Use It (50 minutes) Windowpaning allows us to use all 7 ways to remember in a single powerful process. You’ll experience two powerful windowpanes based on this workshop – and then create a windowpane to use with your content.

C. Learning Preferences (45 minutes) This is the missing link in instructional design. All instructional design is focused on content delivery – but we never spend any time focused on who we are delivering to – and how they learn best. You’ll learn, experience, and apply three models that Bob has validated with over 75,000 trainers on five continents:

1. Participative versus reflective leaners

2. General versus Structured Learners, and

3. Practical versus Informative Learners.

And you’ll learn how to deliver training that fits every learning preference in your session!

D. Learner Motivation (45 minutes) You can’t motivate learners – but you can create a learning environment where they motivate themselves. You’ll learn the 5 ways that many trainers kill motivation in learners – and 11 ways to create a motivational learning environment for every learner.

E. Dealing with Difficult Participants (45 minutes) – Bob’s research has identified 15 types of difficult participants. During the class you’ll experience – and then identify strategies that you can use that will either keep difficult behaviors from ever happening – or minimize and then eliminate them when they appear.

F. 61 Ways to Put Variety in Your Training (30 minutes) - By your own count you will have seen at least 40 of the 61 ways modeled during the class. It doesn’t take time to add variety of training – it merely takes planning.

Reflection time/Action Planning/Q&A (30 minutes) (This will activity will appear throughout the training, but will be done differently each time)

Graduation and Closing (30 minutes)

互 動 式 教 學

上課時間:108.11.16-17 9:00-17:00



上課費用: $39,000/每人






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