(A.K.A European Association for Library and Information Education & Research, EUCLID)

BOBCATSSS (former EUCLID) is independent European non-governmental and non-profit association. The purpose of the Association is to promote European cooperation within library and information science (LIS) education and research, and to provide a body through which European interest regarding LIS education can be represented. As its current form, the association does not take any members, instead ANYONE can PARTICIPATE (see call for organizers and contributors). Follow us on Twitter.

Call for organizers and contributors

The Association invites bids from institutions to organize BOBCATSSS 2022. The call for main organizers takes place during December 2019-January 2020.

The related call for co-organizers and other contributions is continuous.

All decisions will be made by the EUCLID board. The main organizer decision for 2022 BOBCATSSS will be made during February 2020 and will be informed to all applicants.

Link to the application form

BOBCATSSS Conference on January 2020 in Paris, France!

BOBCATSSS 2021 organizers:

Porto Accounting and Business School - Porto Polytechnic (IPP-ISCAP), main organizer.

Host together with ULSIT, Bulgaria and Universidad de León, Spain

Bobcatsss Association Newsletter 38 January 2020.pdf

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