Bobcat Ski Bus 2020

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Bobcat Ski Bus is open to all K-5 students at Bonny Slope Elementary. There will be 6 lessons at Mt. Hood Meadows spread over one full Monday and 4 Friday nights.

Monday, January 27, 2020 - No school day, depart BSE at 7AM, arrive at BSE around 6PM. 2 lessons.

Friday February 7, 2020 - Depart after school, arrive at BSE around 11PM

Friday, February 14, 2020 - Depart after school, arrive at BSE around 11PM

Friday, February 21, 2020 - Depart after school, arrive at BSE around 11PM

Friday, February 28, 2020 - Depart after school, arrive at BSE around 11PM

To sign up, follow this link to a Google form so I can get your information. After submitting the form, there will be a link to Mt. Hood Meadows website.

Sign up is not ready yet. We are waiting for Mt. Hood Meadows to setup the website.


1. What about snowboarding?

Snowboarders are welcome to join. It's just easier to call it 'Ski Bus' than 'Ski and Snowboard Bus'.

2. What should I sign up for?

If you have a lift ticket and gear, sign up for lesson only: $?

If you have a lift ticket and no gear, sign up for lesson and rental: $?

If you have gear but no lift ticket, sign up for lesson and lift ticket. $?

If you need everything, sign up for lesson, lift and rental. $?

3. What is included in the rental?

For skiers: Skis, boots, helmet. Note that beginners do not use poles. Intermediate/advanced can, but do not always use poles.

For snowboarders: Snowboard, boots, helmet.

You must furnish a winter jacket, snow pants, and gloves. Goggles are recommended, but not required. Please put names or initials on everything.

4. Can Kindergartners join the bus?

Yes! We have had Kindergartners in the past, and they have done great! However, I ask that a parent join them due to the extra attention they require.

5. We'll be on vacation/my child is sick/we can't make it on Friday. What can I do?

Meadows allows make-up lessons, but not refunds. It needs to be an equivalent lesson, so a weekday, evening lesson. Please contact them for arrangements. Transportation is up to you.

6. Can middle schoolers join?

Yes, middle schoolers are welcome. However, in order to get to the mountain on time, I ask that they get pulled from school early so they can meet us at Bonny Slope Elementary.

7. How many fit on the bus?

We try to limit the number to 48 students. This leaves enough room for chaperones.

Things to remember:

1) Put your name on everything!

I feel physically ill when gear is left behind. Please put your name and phone number on masking tape and affix it to your boots, poles, helmet, duffle bag, backpack, and ski's/board. Write initials on the tags of your gloves in Sharpie.

2) The kids need to bring a sack dinner with them.

Please pack a sack dinner for your kids, which can include hot food in suitable containers, but bear in mind we are on a bus. Spilling onto clothing will not be helpful.

Please include a snack for the return journey. Please avoid use of the vending machines in the lodge. They are a distraction and have caused delays in the past.

3) The bus ride.

Please remind your child of proper bus behavior: no screaming, throwing objects, keeping their bottom on the seat. Standing/walking in the aisle is only allowed for going to the bathroom.

The bus usually has a DVD player for kid friendly movies, but alas, it does not always work. Personal electronic devices are encouraged if they have headphones. The bus is locked when the driver is not on the bus.

4) Clothing

Please note that Meadows does not provide winter clothing. We are no longer allowed to "borrow" from the lost and found if items are forgotten.

Base layers should be worn on the bus. Ski pants will be put on when we reach Government Camp. Jackets can be worn once we are on the access road to the Meadows Parking lot. Ski boots can be brought into the lodge since we keep them under the bus.

Winter boots are not necessary due to the short walk from the bus drop off into the lodge. This path is always kept shoveled and sanded.

5) Equipment

If your kids have their own skis/boards, please write their name on masking tape and affix it to the gear. There is a limited amount of space in the BSE Volunteer room to store gear during the day. Please treat this room with respect so that we can continue to use it.

We will have small stickers this year to designate BSB gear so we don't leave anything behind. If you don't want a sticker on your equipment, please let me know.

6) Return Trip

Please pack snack! We do not encourage use of the vending machines at MHM, especially popcorn, since it makes a mess on the bus ride home.

We aim to arrive back at Bonny Slope Elementary School between 10:15pm and 11:00pm. I know this is late and we will try to get back as soon as possible. The reasons for being later are generally weather and probably for the first week, a late start of lesson.

I will be texting when we leave MHM, when we reach I-84, and again when we reach Sylvan Hill.