August 2018 - BUPS has Re-Opened as a Free Service!

July 2018 - Boat Used Part Search is under-going reconstruction to implement the many things I learned from the two years of FREE public use by US boaters. Initially this will be deployed as a search service. This means I do all the setup. If you want to get on the band wagon send me an email* for that hard-to-find part OR better yet, let me know your favorite seller for used / rebuilt / vintage / clearance boat parts.

You may be wondering how this came about. While I was restoring my vintage catboat, Valiant, I discovered that the other approaches to find below-retail boat parts just didn’t work very well. So, I built a solution for my own use. After investing all that time & money, I hated to see it go to waste......

Thus, in the Fall of 2015 I made this service freely available to US boaters. For two years I operated this as an MVP (Minimal Viable Product). During that time, I supplied essentially all the labor and operating expenses to "tweak" the system based upon user feedback, research potential seller sites (2,000 in total) to add inventory, etc. As a result, I have assisted thousands of boaters to "get back on the water", Please review the testimonials page for boater feedback.

For additional background information on this project , please refer to the press page.


Doug McQuilken


* If you are concerned that this is an elaborate scheme to collect emails for spamming, don't let that deter you. Simply set up another free email account at Google, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc. You may be able to auto-forward these to your primary email making it easier to manage. When complete, just delete the additional email account.