Every web site has a beginning and, unfortunately, an end...................with no regrets

First, I constructed BUPS for my own use to facilitate restoration of a vintage sailboat. If you are interested in this topic review the articles on the Press page. If you are interested in more detail there is a link to the Valiant project website.

Second, in the Fall of 2015 I made this service freely available to US boaters. For two years I operated this as an MVP (Minimal Viable Product). During that time, I supplied essentially all the labor and operating expenses to "tweak" the system based upon user feedback, research potential seller sites (2,000 in total) to add inventory, etc. In exchange, I have assisted thousands of boaters to "get back on the water", Please review the testimonials page for additional information. IMHO, a more than fair trade-off!

10/1/2017 - I have removed The Boat Used Part Search engine from service due to limited support by the US boating community* , other than boat owners, during the past two years. With adequate sponsor support, a new & improved BUPS will be re-launched, During this time there have been over ten thousand unique visitors. Review the Sponsors-Sought page for a conservative forecast.

There were a number of indirect contributors to BUPS functional success. They deserve a shout out. You'll find a list on the Thankyou! page.

The Early Adopters deserve a special mention - please review the Testimonials page.

If you are curious about how & why this FREE service was created, read the press articles.

As Paul Harvey would say "And now, for the rest of the story", you are welcome to contact me: info@BoatUsedPartSearch.com


Doug McQuilken

*boat part sellers, boat / equipment manufacturers, marine publications, associations (classic, wood, trade), etc.