Welcome to (really) free search assistance to match US buyers with sellers for "below retail" boat parts: used, clearance, vintage or re-built.

The search process starts with a check against 80,000 - 100,000 "recent" items. The search is saved and run daily against "fresh" items entering the online marketplace which usually number @ 10,000. When items match the saved search criteria an email alert is sent out - very important for hard-to-find boat parts.

For more information review the mini case-study @ BUPS Kickstarter Presentation

To get started:

  • use the below form to make a request.
  • Send me a drift message (to left) to let me know
  • Review daily emails. Follow-up with sellers directly. Let me know if results look "not quite right"
  • This is automated and will run forever. So, please tell me when to stop

Help me help other boaters:

  • Send feedback - whether positive ;-) or negative :-(
  • Let other boaters know - social media, yacht club newsletters, marina bulletin boards, etc
  • Let me know of other online sellers provided they inventory used, rebuilt, vintage or clearance boat parts