Upcoming Events

Our calendar of events features a range of rides to suit all interests! Don't forget to check our blog for all the latest Ride Reports.

Ride Meeting Points

  • North Caltex service station, corner of Montague and Main North Roads, Pooraka, 5095.
  • Central Shell, Coles Express service station, 111 West Terrace, Adelaide, 5000.
  • South Shell, Coles express service station, 1477 - 1479 Main South Road, Darlington, 5047.
  • Midweek Tower Hotel, 621 Magill Road, Magill, 5072.
  • The Civic Park Opposite Westfield Tea Tree Plaza Shopping Centre, 976 North East Road, Modbury, 5092.
  • Club Meetings Our monthly club meetings are held in the Atujara Motorcycle Club rooms. 10 Torrens Crescent, Penington, S.A. 5013. Drive in and park in the yard

Please Note:

1. Rides may be cancelled at short notice due to inclement weather or for any other reason deemed necessary by the Club Captain or the ride Co-ordinator. If you are unsure of an event, contact details can be found in this site under Contact Us.

2. BMWOCSA rides use a "corner marking system" on Club rides. This ensures that all riders are informed about where to ride, without the need to carry maps. It also ensures that all riders will remain in the group and prevents any riders from being left behind. Scroll down for more information on the Corner Marking system.

Mid Week Rides

The routes for these rides are not pre-planned events, but will be decided on the day by whoever arrives to take part. With this in mind, it may pay to have a "ring around" before arriving at the meeting point, or you may find that you are on your own. We always try for new roads and destinations but unfortunately we have travelled most within about a 250 km. radius of the meeting point, so if you have what you consider to be a day ride/destination that could be of interest to your fellow members and visitors, please rock up at the Tower Hotel, 621 Magill Road, Magill, 5072 and lead us astray, we'd love that.

Other non- BMWOCSA events of interest

26th - 28th OCTOBER 2018, STRATHALBYN SA.

The Kenny Blake Festival of Motorcycling, celebrates the life and achievements of racing’s ‘gentleman racer’. See custom motorcycles, memorabilia and selected new bikes from retailers and exhibitors. Expect a motorcycle show like no other! This is NOT a motorcycle trade fair, it’s an exhibition and celebration of Kenny Blake’s life, in the town where he grew up. Check the website for details:

Corner Marking

How it works:

  • At the beginning of each ride, a Ride Leader and Tail Rider will be identified. The Ride Leader will ride in front and the Tail Rider will bring up the rear. The Ride Leader and Tail rider stay in position during the ride. Others riders take turns corner marking and will change their position in the group as the ride progresses.
  • Approaching an intersection where the ride turns, the leader signals for the rider immediately behind her or him to "mark" the corner.
  • "Corner Marking" involves that rider pulling over to the side just before the corner, in a clearly visible and safe position, and using indicator and hand signal to point out the turn to following riders.
  • When the Tail Rider arrives, he or she signals the corner marker either by sounding the horn or an agreed hand signal. The marker then pulls in front of the Tail Rider and continues.
  • With this system, all riders except for the Ride Leader and the Tail Rider will change position in the group during the ride. Once a rider advances to be directly behind the Ride Leader, he or she will become the next "corner marker". Depending on the number of turns on a ride, each rider may be the "corner marker" more than once.
  • Once at the back of the group after being the "corner marker", riders should not try to overtake work their way up through the group to get to the front again, but rather let the natural progression of the ride occur to approach to the front again. Remember, this is recreational, not race riding.

Important Disclaimer – Please Read

Rides are organised as a social gathering only, and in coming with us you ride totally at your own risk. Any personal injury or accident insurance is totally the responsibility of the individual rider. The BMWOCSA invite you to participate in rides in express reliance on the following acknowledgements, releases and warranties:

1. The BMWOCSA rides are social, and therefore none of the organisers or other participants accept any responsibility for the safety of riders and pillions participating in any of the rides.

2. Motorcycling is an inherently dangerous activity and by its nature involves risks (both foreseeable and unforeseeable) of serious injury and/or death and/or property damage.

You warrant that:

  • you have a suitable level of expertise and riding skill to safely participate in any of our rides;
  • you have satisfied yourself as to the nature of the proposed ride;
  • the motorcycle you will be riding on is in a roadworthy condition and that you have carefully inspected it and you are satisfied it is in good order and fit for the ride;
  • if you are a pillion, your rider has sufficient expertise in order to be able to participate in the ride;
  • you will either not start on a ride or immediately cease participating in the ride if you feel you will be unable to safely participate;
  • you release, as far as permitted by law, completely and unconditionally the organisers and other riders from all liability, for any loss or damage and any claim on account of injury to the person or property or resulting in death arising out of or relating to the ride;
  • in participating in the ride you fully understand the above and participate in the ride freely and voluntarily without any threat or inducement assurance or guarantee; and
  • if you invite someone else to come with you on the ride, then you will make sure that they know and accept the matters set out in this disclaimer.

Again, remember, at all times, it is our "DUTY OF CARE".