Our Classics information is for Club members with a vehicle manufactured over 30 years ago. The Club is an approved club to provide conditional regsitration for historic vehicles. Special rules apply – read on for more details. And for those wanting the latest Classics News, check out our Club blog.

Historic Vehicle Registration

The BMWOCSA is an approved Club under the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure (DoPTI) Conditional Registration Scheme for Historic vehicles.

FINANCIAL members of the Club who own a vehicle that was manufactured more than 30 years ago, as at the 1st January of the current year, and which is "true to type"- (close to standard with original engine type) may apply for conditional registration. Once approved it entitles the vehicle to make 90 LOGGED trips per financial year. Conditional registration is not transferable between owners nor another club.

A Club member who requires Conditional Historic Registration must have the suitable vehicle inspected by a Club Registrar and then pay the DoPTI charges. A logbook (with 3 years validity) will be issued by a Club Registrar when the member presents the DoPTI receipt (registration certificate) and a current membership card.

A conditionally registered Historic vehicle will only have valid COMPULSORY THIRD PARTY INSURANCE/REGISTRATION if the rider/driver:

  1. has entered their journey details in the logbook prior to setting off,
  2. has signed the logbook entry, and
  3. is carrying the up-to-date LOGBOOK (stamped to show this).

The owner of the vehicle must also remain a financial member of the club and have the logbook re-stamped each financial year.

Club Registrars are appointed by the DoPTI after being nominated by the BMWOCSA committee and are obliged by law to observe the scheme’s rules. They will in necessary cases offer advice and support to achieve a positive result. If you are unsure of your vehicles eligibility, we suggest you contact one of the Registrars to clarify your situation. Initial and annual inspections are a Club requirement to ensure the Club’s ongoing approval under the Conditional Registration scheme is not jeopardised, however these inspections in no way confer roadworthiness, which remains the responsibility of the owner. An annual inspection day is usually organised for June each calendar year.

Historic Vehicle Registrars

Harry Glocke

Phone 8389 3382


Andrew Chester

(No Phone)


Trevor Hill

Phone 8263 2186


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