Biological Modeling and Simulation, 2019

Biological Modeling and Simulation Course - Project Showcase Website

This website contains links to all the projects created in the course of Biological Modeling Simulation taught to 7th Semester Bioinformatics students of COMSATS by Dr. Muaz Ahmed Niazi.


The Leukaemia Fighter project was started on 21st march 2019, with the coordination of respected Sir MUAZ NIAZI whose supervision makes this project much easier for us to perform efficiently and deliver on time accurately. The present deliverables summarizes the major tasks undertaken in unity, overleaf IEEE Trans format for the management and coordination of the project together with the summary of overall project management details in terms deliverables, dissemination outcomes, Comparisons and in diagrammatic format which are describing whole projects perspective. I would like to thank again Sir Muaz Niazi for all the encouragement, support, who positively influence my life directly or indirectly. I sincerely hope this report helps peoples game making adventures


The following objectives are targeted by this project as specified in below provided list:

• Objective 1: The main objective of this project is to make a biological concept based game

• Objective 2: make a game scene by using Unity software.

• Objective 3: to learn bout use case diagram and detailed use cases, FSMS, activity and sequence diagrams and domain model • objective 4: implementation of the code in Unity 3D which we will provide in implementation section to explain how this whole project worked out along with unity scenes.


The following major tasks are achieved in line with above objectives. The most learning outcome of this project is we have now tendency to use unity 2D and 3D that is multiplatform game engine used for the production of 2D and 3D video games as well as non-game interactive simulations and visualizations. Unity is one of the most popular game engines available due to its combination of power, flexibility, and ease of use. In Unity software we learn totally different objects, particle effects, new artificial language C during which we have a tendency to had provided scripts. Unity allows us to create our own Components using scripts. These allow us to trigger game events, modify Component properties over time and respond to user input in any way we like. By using scripts we allow player to move: forward, backward, left and right.

Then the thought of collision has been employed in that if a player collides with another object it simply stops there and doesn’t move forward. The player move and jump if obstacle come and it conjointly features a specific point in time during which the player must complete A level and after certain score automatically new level comes, This is all regarding unity achievements. Besidesthiswe’vegottolearnttheutilizationof latexon-linetoolandoverleaftooforinfoourassignments.We have also learnt about different diagrams and now the use of use case and careful use case diagrams, domain model, activity diagrams, sequence diagrams, FSMS is extremely clear. And now we are good at using Unity3D and is able to create game in it and these area unit the most achievements we’ve got targeted by doing this project.