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is personal first

You're the one who makes your business work.

Understanding who that 'ONE' is means also understanding who others perceive you to be. A big dose of self-acceptance will open up a vast canvas of possibilities. And from there it's but a short step to actively (a) choosing to do things differently, (b) trying out & tweaking solutions and (c) delighting in the improvements on all fronts.

Try not to become a success, but rather try to become a person of value.

~ Albert Einstein

and organisational second

All systems and structures are animated by your unique spirit only. They're designed for specific outcomes and so, per se, imperfect; i.e. they must adapt as needs evolve. Replace only them and you're simply trading in one set of problems for another. Better to develop a new model that makes the existing one obsolete-continuously optimise your effectiveness in work-relations and fuse together successful customer operations with a "growth innovation" mindset.

Having trained, worked and led in such dual culture environments, I know everyone possesses-to different degrees-the prerequisite qualities of functionality, adaptability and sustainability.

Whether supporting one-on-one, team, HR or organisation development, it is my goal to together identify & build up those qualities that add most to your value. This isn’t easy. It requires self-awareness, 'emotional intelligence' and self-reflection. I'm on the outside: useful to help you see things in your context more clearly.

Search for the intrinsic functioning of things in order to better understand them and thus better understand ourselves.

~ Thomas Huebl

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