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BMConsult : purposeful & considerate engagement

is personal first

You are the one who makes your business meaningful or just a way to make a living. Purpose requires you, your team/organisation to understand who that 'ONE' is and who others perceive that 'ONE' to be; couple this with a dose of reality-acceptance and a vast canvas of possibilities opens up.

From there it's but a short step to: choosing to work differently, experiment courageously, tweak chosen solutions; and delighting in business result improvements on all levels!

Try not to become a success, but rather try to become a person of value.

~ Albert Einstein

and organisational second

Your unique spirit alone is animating the systems and structures you're active in. Frameworks are designed with specific outcomes in mind and so are imperfect, because customers' needs evolve. Replace only the frame and you're simply trading in one set of design problems for another. Better therefore for your business model to develop organically & continuously just as the snake moults as part of its natural growth process also helping to remove harmful parasites. The 'new' model will smoothly replace the obsolete especially when individuals feel themselves to be integral parts of a developing Whole, they realise their interest in giving what only they can: unique added value!

So in BMConsult terms: "(i) optimise effectiveness in all work's relations and (ii) fuse customer-based operations with an innovation-growth heart/mindset. Business is not commerce, but a (social ad)venture!"

From having trained and worked & led in such dual-culture environments, I know that everyone already possesses to some degree the functionality, adaptability and sustainability needed to bring to life a truly effective culture.

Whether supporting hr-designers, ops teams, or one2one, we together identify the barriers impeding these value-adding qualities and choose&test&tweak our chosen remedial steps.

Success simply requires a commitment to self-awareness, to reflection and to developing emotional intelligence.* As 'an outsider' BMConsult gives you an impartial, clear sounding board to reflect your business reality, and to help you achieve favourable, sustainable results more effectively and faster.

* how you understand others, and your own actions&behaviours towards them

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