Blue Oyster Online Collaboration

Global Concerns

People are more and more concerned that the world as we know it has changed radically, and that existing weighty paradigms are responding too slowly.

In different ways, this is true for the following sectors:





How Can We Fix This?

Collaborative Working is on the rise, meaning the growth of working networks. It is not a given skill, but one that needs to be learned and earned. Our working groups believe this can be done in evolutionary and visible ways.

Our nimble networks needed must be on the ground locally, to understand local conditions, and as follows:

Lifelong Learning

Local Consultancies


Networked Health

Our Goal

Across these sectors, our primary goal is to reverse systemic decay, demise and abuse, and start providing regenerative or generative solutions that serve us better in the 21st century.

How Are We Working Collaboratively?

Our teams work primarily through discussion on Facebook, partnering with local agents on the ground, using trans media tools across our connections to achieve the progress we are looking for.

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Call To Action

If this makes sense, if you want to join in, we are in general Open, Diverse & Supportive, especially where folk are still finding their way forward from their own unique starting point.

This will take some discussion at first, but there are a good number of projects now up and running, either through us or through sister networks.

Why not join us?