Frequently Asked Questions


If it is your first time at a PTO meeting we know it can be overwhelming and intimidating...... we get that. Here are some answers to common questions that we hope will make you feel comfortable! Thanks for your interest in the BH PTO!!

Q. I don’t have childcare, can I come to a meeting and bring my kids?

A. Yes. Please don’t let that keep you from coming to a meeting. It isn’t uncommon for board members to bring their kids. We have a paid babysitter that will keep the kids occupied with books, coloring, games, tablets, or homework to keep them occupied and make the best of it.

Q, What happens at a PTO meeting?

A. Before meetings there is some brief social time to get to know one another. Then depending on what is on our agenda we discuss fundraising events, ways to help the school, review any spending requests, brainstorm ways to solve any problems brought to our attention. We get insight into goings on from the principal and teacher adviser.

Q. Who votes on stuff?

A. Anyone attending a meeting may vote. If you are uncomfortable voting though, please don’t feel pressured.

Q. I want to help, but I’m nervous about being in charge of an event, how much work is it?

A. Some of the events are more work than others but we have some that are one night and you're done! We partner with all event chairs to ensure that things aren’t missed and that the workload is shared. If there is an event that interests you consider co-chairing with someone else. If co-chairing still sounds like too much we have several ways that you can help that only require an hour or two a month and it is still big help.

Q. Is it a bunch of stay at home moms?

A. Nope. We are a combo of stay at home, work from home, and work full time moms and dads.

Q. I can’t be at the school during the day. Is there still a way that I can help out?

A. Absolutely! We have many ways you can be a virtual volunteer. Assembling stuff, sending emails, making things on computer or by hand, etc.

Q. I don’t have time to volunteer at events, should I bother going to meetings?

A. Yes. The meetings are where we discuss things, make plans, and vote on things. We welcome the ideas and input from anyone who can attend.