Bluegrass Gospel QLD

1st Meet 28th Oct 2017 Memorial Hall 44 Smith St Cleveland Qld.

Open Mic starts 3.30 pm till 7.30 pm

Bring you stringed acoustic instruments and praise the Lord.

Hello from Bluegrass Gospel Queensland

We are a voluntary group of enthusiasts that enjoy playing and singing Bluegrass Gospel and raising money for our favourite charity the West-end Christian Fellowship that feed the poor, homeless and destitute every Sunday 5.30pm.

We love the sound of Mandolin's Banjos, Double Bass, Fiddles, Guitar's, a Dobro and even a uke or two. As long as its ol-timey and its gospel with a twang then we are in.

(see page 2 top right hand corner for the songs we like and play along's).

Our favourite Charity

The West End Christian Fellowship is a benevolent ministry of the church of Christ, meeting weekly on Sunday evenings in the inner city of Brisbane. West End is a place where opportunities for connection are created for the express purpose of sharing the love of Jesus. A core value of this ministry is to actively demonstrate the love of God through accept and support of EVERYONE who walks in the door. We share food and conversation, meet immediate physical needs, and tell the good news of Jesus Christ.

Get your stringed instrument out and play along.

Look on the page on this website (top right) where we take you through the chords and the lyrics of our favourite Bluegrass gospel songs.

They are slowed down and try to stick with the simple chords of C, G and F.

Practice and learn them and either join in on the mass Singinin and pickin or give us your solo version.

One mic affair

The single mic technique involves musicians – generally in an acoustic band – grouping around one microphone to deliver their vocal arrangements and often the same setup to deliver instrumental backup and solos. The other- similar – method involves having a second microphone in which soloists deliver their lead break while the remainder of the band back up around the single vocal mic.

Tech stuff

So we will hold the event using the one mic setup ( which maximises the acoustic quality of the performance and makes it real easy to set up. We may use a back up mic for solos etc, if required.

Mic and Amp

The Microphone we use is a Samson C01 Studio condenser ( The Amp is a simple Fender champ 25 se ( for a crisp clear sound.

Bass fiddle

Double bass guys and gals are more than welcome to use my Bass fiddle rather than bring yours...I know what that's like. Mine is an Arco Double Bass with a set of slap happy weedwacker strings, so if that suits then fine, but we are happy for you to bring your own, the more the merrier. (you can see it in the photos). If your Bass has a pickup I have a Ampeg BA Series BA-110 ( just so we can be heard above the banjo. Its simple without getting in the way.


Welcome to QLD Bluegrass Gospel group

Sing and play Bluegrass in praise of the Lord. Bring your guitars, mandolins, fiddles, banjo and double bass. Bring your singing voice. Come as a single voice or as a band and join in. Non denominational

28th Oct 2017 Memorial hall (Cleveland Assembly Hall) 46 Cleveland Street QLD 4163

3.30pm till 7.30pm


All Welcome.