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Hello! I'm Jennifer Agee, a freelance copy editor, project manager, and writer.

Why Hire an Editor?

You’re writing for a reason.

You have something to communicate, and you want your readers to get the message—from first impression, to full comprehension, to call to action.

As your editor, I'll make sure your text is error-free, informative, and persuasive.


From marketing copy to academic research, there are a thousand ways to write for an audience. I’ll help ensure your voice—and your message—is heard.


Problems like passive voice and wordiness can challenge any writer—and confuse any reader. I’ll make sure each sentence is active and clear.


Build trust with your readers. I'll refine essential style and branding details while ensuring consistency.


Did you double-check your math, the spelling of that unusual name, and the phone number you want readers to call? I’ll check the facts.

Jennifer Agee

Freelance Editor, Project Manager, and Writer

I've been copy editing since 2001. My specialties are investing, business intelligence, and theology, but I can edit anything.

I've also worked as a production manager to coordinate editorial, design, marketing, and sales teams. I developed and implemented a custom content project management solution for a fast-paced daily blog. As a managing editor, I've developed author relationships, set print budgets, created style guides, written marketing copy, optimized SEO, and more.

How can I help you?

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Editing, writing, and other work by Jennifer Agee

“Swarm” in Taproot, Issue 45 :: PLAY (Author)

A playful essay about the time I tried to catch a swarm of honeybees in a cardboard box ... with a spoon. Plus themes of belonging, location, literature, and courage.
Taproot 45 :: PLAY >>

Seeds of Imagination” in Taproot, Issue 50 :: SOW (Author)

A celebration of Bookworm Gardens in Sheboygan, Wisconsin.
Taproot 50 :: SOW >>

My first book! Enjoy 140 pages of research into the intersection of theology and imagination. Its about how humans make meaning and why that matters to God.
View on Amazon >>

Humans are composed of poetic tissues as surely as physical ones. Our identities, worldviews, longings—all are drawn and developed from the unique relationships and texts we encounter and incorporate. We collect and imagine stories and creatively build them into the tale of ourselves.
But each of these personal mythologies is irrevocably lost at death—unless it is true, as Christianity claims, that God raises the dead.
Systematic Mythology: Imagining the Invisible studies the ways in which we make meaning. It argues that God must be the ultimate subject of every person’s essential myth, so that Christ may redeem and resurrect our stories as well as our bodies. Systematic mythology calls us to consciously and creatively participate in the story God is telling through our cosmos and its inhabitants: a story in which Christ is all, and in all.

A Witness: The Haiti Earthquake, a Song, Death, and Resurrection (Editor)

I edited the manuscript for length and clarity while preserving the author's voice; checked facts; wrote indices and other front/back matter, including promotional abstracts; applied house style; tagged and prepared the manuscript for layout; and coordinated production rounds with the publisher.
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Copy Editor

thinkMoney was published quarterly by T3 Custom, a content marketing firm that promotes financial literacy. From 2005 to 2021, I copy edited article drafts and proofed the final layout.
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The Ticker Tape

Production Editor

This content hub for trader education was also published by T3 Custom through 2021. I copy edited and proofed articles, checking facts and revising for style and voice. I also created simple graphics, produced and published articles in the CMS, and optimized for SEO.
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Business Intelligence Journal

Managing Production Editor

The BIJ is published quarterly by TDWI, where I worked for 10 years as a copy editor, managing editor, production manager, and marketing writer.

Blue Flower Publishing

Freelance Editor at Large

"[The hills] taught me longing—Sehnsucht; made me for good or ill, and before I was six years old, a votary of the Blue Flower."
—C.S. Lewis