diesel exhaust fluid

Two Reasons for Fleet Managers to Consider Finding a New Source for DEF

Many fleet managers have by now realized that finding a reliable, capable supplier of diesel exhaust fluid will make it easier to keep up with a variety of important professional duties. Many fleets today need to be supplied with large amounts of diesel exhaust fluid, or DEF, in order to remain compliant with all of the regulations governing them. Companies like PEAKHD are ready to provide a number of benefits to fleet managers who choose to do business with them.

Going Beyond the Basics to Make DEF a Non-Issue

Fleet managers who have tried to obtain, store, and dispense DEF without assistance generally discover just how difficult it can be. Unlike many other supplies that are needed by diesel powered trucks and pieces of equipment, DEF is challenging even to keep stocked without it becoming contaminated or degraded.

Programs like BlueDEF are designed to eliminate all the common sources of trouble and avoidable expense, making things far easier for fleet managers who participate in them. Some of the benefits that will most often come with making use of such an option relate to important issues like:

Scale. Some of the leading DEF suppliers today have distribution networks that stretch all across the country. As a result, it will be easier to obtain DEF wherever it might be needed when access to such a network is available, compared to most other arrangements. In addition to ruling out many common types of problems, a large distribution network will also allow for DEF supplies to remain reliable even after future growth. Fleet managers who have access to such resources tend to be able to plan and prepare more strategically than others.

Purity. DEF obtained by many means frequently proves to be less pure than advertised. In quite a few cases, this will reflect not a lack of truthfulness on the part of a supplier but problems that have arisen since the product was first dispensed. There are also DEF suppliers who make the maintenance of purity a top priority in everything they do, however. Obtaining DEF from such a company will mean not needing to worry about a whole host of problems that can arise when high purity levels are not assured.

A Better Choice for Many Fleets

Choosing to have an entire fleet provided with DEF by a supplier that lives up to standards like these will often make management far easier and simpler. Because high quality DEF is so important to so many fleets today, seeking out a worthy supplier will rarely be a waste of time.