Welcome to your one-stop-shop disaster resource center

For those of you in the incident or emergency management world, your business revolves around tackling the most challenging complexities that disaster can throw at you.  Here at The Blue Cell Ready Team, we are here to help.  With the one-stop shopping efficiency of tools, tips, tricks you can quickly learn from others and best serve your jurisdiction.  Whether this is your first disaster or one of your many, we have something here for each of you.  Best of luck...be safe.

Tools, Techniques, Technology, Tactics, Tips, Touchpoints, Toys, and Tricks of the Trade

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When the crisis starts, we have tools for incident management to help corral, contain and stop the damage.

We also have tools for when you start working the "so-what" from the disaster to help you understand and manage the problems.  

As you work through the next steps after the cavalry rides off into the sunset, we are still your one-stop shop for resources.  


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