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What is Mittenzland? - 1133 Characters

Mittenzlands Name Origin - 1122 Characters

Who am I? - 774 Characters

Where am I from? - 768 Characters

About the area - 371 Characters

UKCB Conflicts

UKCB-GCA Conflict - 1839 Characters

UKCB-Alt Conflict - 1312 Characters

UKCB-Kyle Conflict - 2793 Characters

UKCB-RU Conflict - 3778 Characters

UKCB-CPG Conflict - 15392 Characters

The Blox-Cat History

The First Cats - 1289 Characters

The Rising of the Cats - 884 Characters

The First Rat-Cat war - 5947 Characters

The Dog Union - 10202 Characters

Formation of Mittenzland - 2835 Characters 

The Second Rat-Cat War - 7630 Characters

Creation and Tectonic History of Mittenzland - 4031 Characters

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Wiki approved canon by Blox-Cat universe founder Mittenz

What is Mittenzland?

Alright, for the people who are new and dont know you may be wondering, what is mittenzland??? so let me explain. So on our home planet robloxia, about 145 kilostuds (102 miles) off the coast of bloxburg, there is a small island. This island is Mittenzland! Mittenzland has a bridge that goes to bloxburg also, but let me explain. Mittenzland is a small county occupating the entire island. it is about 3.5 kilostuds long in diameter. it has 7 towns and 1 military base. But this is not normal like all the other counties, this is mostly populated by cats, and my friends which mostly are twolegs. And, im not calling twolegs Robloxians because thats technically us since its anyone who lives on the planet of Robloxia. so, Mittenzland was founded by cats and is a huge county with airports, cities, military bases, labs, and launch facilities. Mittenzland is yes, again one of the animal type war groups. Tho we have never been at war, this is one of them. You may have heard of Kitties United, Cats and Foxs United, Grand Cat Army, Meowland ect. This is one of them, but anyways this is a brief explanation of what Mittenzland is.
Mittenzlands Name Origin

Ok, cool and all nice its a county, but who the heck came up with Mittenzland? well heres your answer. I am a cat. a blox-cat as you might wonder why its called The Blox-Cats instead of like Mittenzland Wiki, is because of my group. founded in febuary 15th, 2021 it is the main group where everything started. I am a blox-cat and the owner of The blox-cats and the reason Mittenzland is named Mittenzland is because im named Mittenz, you may have seen that coming. But why am i named Mittenz? Because short story, in 2020 i had a friend named Nevram. and i was in Brookhaven when i saw a cat and i was sad because no other cats were in brookhaven, i never seen other cats and this is before i really knew about kitties united, and so yeah i opened the door later we became friends, and they named me Mittens. Now, why dose it have a Z? i dont know ask myself in 2022 when i changed my name to have a Z, atleast it wasent changed to XxMittenzzzzxX you know them, but yes i kept the name and that is actually my user now. So this in why Mittenzland is named Mittenzland, and i dont have to explain the "land" part, i hope.
Who am i?

I am well mittenz as you seen above, but more about who am i is that i am a cat. my breed of cat is nebelung and you may not know what a nebelung is, so either search it up or note that its basically a type of russian blue, anyways yeah. On roblox, my username is @ApprovedMittenz, and on youtube it is wearecatpeople5458, and if you dont know it and you want to see it, be aware it is very CRINGE listen, just be prepared about that if you dare to go on that page. i mean its less cringe from my original videos i mean its not that cringe but like yeah you can check it out i post every few days and makes shows like Nasties Prison Experience ill tell you about that later, i also am working on a show about how Mittenzland started but yeah anyways yeah im a roblox cat 
Where am i from? 

I was born in Kitsyth County, Kitties United from what i know, and as twoleg territory i was born in Kitsyth County, Central Robloxia State and i grew up eventualy and i made a group called The blox-cats and met friends, like Kat. this was mainly my first friend, and was the first Blox-Cat Member. I met him (in real life at school) and he understood mittenzland the blox-cats the most well. With newer friends, who have not been with the blox-cats and mittenzland to experience everything, do not know much and have to ask questions, but with Kat he seen everything until when he left the blox-cats. He understood everything until he left the blox-cats since he was not really interested i think anymore. The Blox-Cats Grew and grew and later i made Mittenzland.
About the area

I live in the Northern West hemisphere of Planet Robloxia. Some of the countries in this area is, United Territories Of Robloxia, Bloxnada, and Bloxico, From what i know Kitties United is a kingdom inside of the Country, but not really reconized by twolegs, just like The Grand Cat Country,  And Meowland, I know you may be asking for a map, so here is a map i drew.