About Us

BloodWorks LLC

    • Medical device concept and development company
    • Team development began through the Iowa Medical and Innovations Group at the University of Iowa
    • Founded in 2014 as "BloodWorks LLC"
    • Focused on problem identification at the patient's bedside
    • Identify limitations of existing medical devices or lack of medical device to meet a need
    • Practical and patient-focused
    • Inter-disciplinary team of practicing medical professionals, bioengineering, and law
    • By utilizing direct-care experience, we can focus conceptualization and development on products that will actually work in real-world settings!
    • Strives to answer questions:
      • Why doesn't this device work as well as it could?
      • What can we do to make it better?
      • Why isn't there a product to perform this task?
      • How can we make care delivery more effective and efficient?