PMSE encryption algorithm

Pretty Modular Symmetric Encryption (PMSE) is the algorithm embedded into Blocksnet for self encryption and decryption of blocks. The following paper illustrate the concepts and quality of encryption obtained with the PMSE algorithm. Full manuscript version has been published to arXiv (url). Also, a web demonstrator illustrating PMSE modularity is available here. An advanced private version of PMSE includes salt and use a modified version of the PRNG called PULS (demonstrator available in the app section).


Timestamp of the paper posted on twitter with the blocksnet app :

Complete timestamp computed with the block time & hash app :

  • Bloc small H-32: hmthd0
  • Bloc hash (SHA256): Jud+xVOms1aJYLdeJZu5MwHh4EpwHPvX5Tp+fouVqSM=
  • Date: 20194513121
  • Info: PMSE white paper v5
  • URL:
  • Blocksnet File Block App -

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