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What is Block PAC?

Block PAC is an expenditure-only committee -- otherwise known as a super PAC -- driven by young motivated innovators and is the first of its kind to adequately support Blockchain and its integration into existing and non-existing operations. As the private sector and some departments of the government take steps to implement and further develop this technology, it is essential to form a regulatory framework to support it and legislation to make it possible for adoption by the masses.

What is the International Decentralized Association of Cryptocurrencies & Blockchain?

The IDACB works out the basic principles of market legal regulation (similar for majority of participants) and synchronize law initiatives in Blockchain and Cryptocurrency by:

  1. To propose law initiatives for regulators based on best countries’ practices
  2. To organize Community of Experts, Ideologists and Professionals
  3. To generate Unified Distributed Community Database
  4. To prepare Intellectual Rights Protection Proposals
  5. To protect Market from frauds, scams and unfair practices
  6. To create Regulation Proposals for ICO