About us

Blockchain Puerto Rico is an organization that promotes the use and development of blockchain technologies in Puerto Rico. We do this by providing educational events to the university level blockchain community. We also organize networking & educational events for professional interested in the blockchain industry as well. In addition, we seek to support blockchain startups by providing them with a network of academics, professionals, and investors that can assist them with their endeavors inside and outside of the island.

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Email us at: info@blockchainpuertorico.org

Call us at: +1 (787) 507-4467

Our offices are located at:

351 Avenida Juan Ponce de León,

San Juan, 00918, Puerto Rico

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What is Block PAC?

Block PAC is an expenditure-only committee -- otherwise known as a super PAC -- driven by young motivated innovators and is the first of its kind to adequately support Blockchain and its integration into existing and non-existing operations. As the private sector and some departments of the government take steps to implement and further develop this technology, it is essential to form a regulatory framework to support it and legislation to make it possible for adoption by the masses.

Why Contribute?

Lobbyist at both the federal and state legislatures represent the interest of private entities and interests alike. Without organizations like Block PAC, lobbyist wouldn't get paid to protect the private sector. By donating to Block PAC, you are playing an instrumental role in creating favorable legislation both in Puerto Rico and the United States as a whole.