The Colfax Killer – a "dice run" down what Playboy magazine once called "the longest, wickedest street in America" starting in Stasburg, CO going west to Golden, CO 52 miles end to end. This is a “Winner” takes all bikes “dice run” for pinks. 1st bike and rider to finish the ride will be the “winner” their bike inspected at the end of the ride to ensure fair play. if violations of the rules are found that rider forfeits the winning and their bike to the next "finishing" rider.

The winning rider is awarded ALL OTHER competing bikes, EXCEPT the winning bike, which is awarded to the rider with the best combed dice score (Cee-lo rules) gathered at each stop.

The winning rider can decide if they want to keep all the bikes they won or sell them back to participants/others at the swap meet to recoup their expenses and generate some winnings (and keep some friends).

Saturday night we will be having a get together for all participants and friends (again it will be BYOB but the venue will be selling food and beverages), location will be announced later.