Library Snapshots

Your library in action!

Library Areas

Circulation Desk/Customer Service

Library Main Area & Non- fiction Shelves

Library Aide Work Areas

Main Area

Fiction Shelves

Central Computer Stations

Study Group Area

Students engage in all sorts of library lessons. From history to coding, B. L. Gray scholars are full-on when it comes to inquiry, collabora-tion, sharing, and growth.

Slam Poetry Sessions

Mrs. Rackley & Mrs. Callanan take their classes to the next level while covering poetry. Their culminat-ing event: a slam poetry session in the library!

BL Gray Rattlers win big in the library!

Congratulations, Brando! Enjoy your UT-RGV water bottle!

Congrats, Daisy! There's nothing like cool erasers!

Books make the best prizes! Congratulations, Marilyn!

Alanys is a pro at dictionary skills. Awesome light-up sign!

Victoria L. and Lauren C. submitted some sweet pics to our Photography Contest!

Gala R. submitted a color and black & white photographs and won in both categories!

Alexa V. gets in the spirit by dressing up - Hogwarts style!

Diego schools his classmates by being the best at using the dictionary to improve his writing. Great choice!

Zoe G. & Maxine Y.

Winning entries in the MPL Youth Creative Writing Contest.

Authors are recognized by the board.

These girls are talented writers. They won first and second place in the Prose and Poery categories in the McAllen Youth Creative Writing contest. Way to go, girls!

Teen Read Week 2018


Mrs. Pray talks about building each other up.

Want to be a library aide?

See Mrs. Pray to pick up an application.

Library Aides and volunteers are incredibly important to the library. Help is always needed!

Students and NJHS members volunteer in the library.

Volunteers are always needed.

Awesome displays by our Library Ambassadors!

Mrs. Pray hosts a Writable professional develop session for ELA teachers.

What an honor to meet the great Laurie Anderson, author of Speak, at the South Texas Book Festival.

It's Book Character Day, and I'm Astrid from Victoria Jamieson's Roller Girl!

Mrs. Pray is always available to meet parents during Meet The Teacher night. Check out that interactive display behind her!

Eighth grade ELA teachers present Mrs. Pray with a token of appreciation. Thanks, Mrs. Callanan, Mrs. Galvan, Mrs. Weseman-Chavero, Mrs. Stephens, and Mrs. Aguilar!

Mrs. Koeneke chills in the library while getting ready for her next lesson.

When teachers love their librarian...


Book Drop Art:

Before & After

Special thanks to Mr. Juan Saenz of SHS and the very talented Jessica Boetcher, 2018 SA3 graduate. Good luck at the Univesity of North Texas Art School!

The finished product!

Special thank you to the SHS Dual Enrollment Art classes for their donation of alumni artwork!

Students, under the tutelage of Mr. Juan Saenz, created culturally diverse art pieces depicting historical monuments (Roman aqua ducts (top left), pastel ballerinas (bottom left), and a compilation of geographical icons depicted places artists have every visited (top).