Bleeding Gums and What It Means

Now, your gums should be bleeding, and it often means that there is something much bigger and much more wrong going down there. Gum disease will alter the defense of your gum tissues, along with the supporting areas of your teeth, which in turn will allow bacteria that should only be in your mouth to go to the blood stream and other parts of the body. Typically, these bacteria, that are often found in many cases of periodontal disease, have actually been linked to heart disease, kidney issues, bowel and pancreatic cancer, and other health issues such as various infections of the lungs and even pneumonia in those that are older. These dental infections are no joke, and if you’re worried you should see our Roseburg dentist about this for further information.

Now, these infections from abscesses that are there and dead teeth actually will allow these to travel into the blood stream directly, along with the lymphatic system. In the mouth, these bacteria will start to lodge onto the organs and tissues, causing inflammation in these outer areas. The exact mechanism and the link isn’t totally understood at this stage, but there is more research on this on the importance of your oral and systemic health. However, it definitely is important to realize that while the science is great behind this, you should understand that there are definitely more real-life implications.

Now, there are those that have terrible hygiene habits, with teeth that have plaque and tartar, but also have completely healthy and normal gums, whereas others that have clean teeth and great oral hygiene have gums that are red, swollen, bleeding and not healthy at all. Often, this will indicate that the oral hygiene habits don’t actually cause gum disease.

Rather, there is another cause. There is an increase in inflammation such as the C-reactive protein. This s a protein that indicates inflammation in the body, which often will lead to other chronic health conditions such as arthritis. Inflammation in one part of the body also can indicate inflammation in other parts. It definitely is apparent, and often, reducing the overall inflammation in the oral cavity will health with the overall heath. Often, addressing the mouth is the first step for your overall health.

It is very important to take this very seriously, since this has an impact on overall health. You should definitely do so, since you’ll have less of a risk of a stroke and a heart attack if you get these cleanings and some care. You should definitely consider the various issues that might be associated with this underneath it all as well.

For some, iron deficiency is definitely a health condition that can be under gum disease. Lack of vitamin C, zinc, B group vitamins, and other nutritional issues can be seen because of an appearance of gum disease, and these other nutritional issues are definitely important to make sure that you do watch out for.

Poor gum health can also be a sign of other problems as well, such as yeast infections, high blood sugar, diabetes, hormone problems, sleep apnea, autoimmune conditions, and even white blood cell disorders. These are often very serious conditions, and you might not even think about this as well. So, it’s important that if you do notice some blood, even a little bit, you go to the dentist in order to see if there is something else going on. Obviously smoking, poor nutrition, stress, improper acid issues, and other toxins can cause this, but i’s very important that you take this seriously when you’re looking at the root cause of things.

Gum disease isn’t a joke, and it can cause some major issues in the body. If you’re worried about it, do talk to your Roseburg dentist for some help on this. They’ll be able to tell you about it, help you if you do suffer from this, and overall, you’ll have better health as well. Be smart about your oral health, and make sure that you take your time and ensure that you have the best oral health possible. You owe it to yourself to prevent this very troublesome condition too.