Our Mission

The Blaine High School Orchestra program is dedicated to providing an outstanding artistic experience, rigorous musical training, and leadership opportunities for all students. 

Through the study and performance of the highest quality musical literature, the orchestra program allows individuals to develop musical artistry, poise, confidence, and self-discipline. They develop an understanding and love for the art of music-making, and the process for success in every aspect of their life.

The Blaine High School Orchestra strives to reflect the cultural and economic diversity in our community, brought together in a joyful, caring and supportive environment.

Our Core Values

Culture Development - Servant Leadership - Growth Mindset - Trust - Relationships - Ownership - Communication

Concert Dates

Fall Concert - October 24, 2023

Winter Concert - December 12, 2023

NWSC (All-Conference) - February 4, 2024 (Coon Rapids High School)

NWSC Festival - February 5, 2024 (Coon Rapids High School)

Spring Concert - February 29, 2024

MNSOTA Mid-Level Festival - TBD

Large Group Contest - April 16, 2024 (Anoka High School)

Blaine Area Orchestra Festival - April 15, 2024

Finale Concert - May 23, 2024