"Black Rainbow Love" explores the intersection of race, gender, and sexuality within the Black LGBTQ+ community. This timely and relevant topic sheds light on the unique challenges and experiences faced by Black individuals who identify as LGBTQ+. The documentary delves into the rich and diverse stories of Black LGBTQ+ individuals, highlighting their resilience, strength, and contributions to society.

The film explores the social, cultural, and historical context that shapes the lives of Black LGBTQ+ individuals, addressing issues of identity, acceptance, and self-expression. It examines the intersectionality of multiple marginalized identities, delving into the complexities and nuances of their lived experiences.

Through intimate interviews, personal narratives, and powerful testimonials, "Black Rainbow Love" aims to challenge stereotypes, dispel myths, and foster a deeper understanding and appreciation of the Black LGBTQ+ community. The documentary seeks to amplify their voices, celebrate their triumphs, and shed light on the barriers they face in achieving equality and acceptance.

"Black Rainbow Love" invites viewers on a transformative journey of discovery and empathy, encouraging conversations about inclusivity, love, and the importance of embracing diversity within the Black community and society at large.

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Rainbow Reviews

Thankfully queer love has started to become part of the tapestry of popular culture and yet queer black love is all but missing still. An authentic representation, rich in cultural resonance with the power to reach so many!-Daniel Peddle, Writer, Producer, Director The AggressivesA tender vulnerability on display that is Captivating in its honesty and openness and is sure to spark further dialogue.. - Cheril N. Clarke, Author, Poet, Founder of Phenomenal WritingAuthentic, thought provocative, and very uplifting! Black Rainbow Love speaks to people who still feel voiceless and alone in our community while sparking much needed conversations in all communities. I’m already looking forward to binge watching the first series. - Sampson McCormick, LGBTQ Comedian, Writer, ProducerWe need more Black Rainbow Love in the world! Angie has done a masterful job of creating space for Black Queer folks to be vulnerable and share their truth on love and acceptance. I can’t wait to tune-in and support the series. - -Anna DeShawn, Founder and CEO E3Radio, Queer Radio Done RightBlack Rainbow Love brings a voice to the humanity of those living at the unique intersection of being Black in America while also being a member of the LGBTQ community. The genius of Ms. Harvey is how she enables the subject to unfold the story right before your eyes. Well done!  - Jamil Fletcher, Publisher, SWERV MagazineOnce again, Angie Harvey has successfully helped us to grasp our inner thoughts and articulate what we have been thinking about our relationships, our lifestyles and our spiritual connections. - Gail Christian, LGBTQ Promotor and Emmy Award Winning Reporter

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The Dream Team

Angela Harvey

Writer, Director, Producer

Imagine IMPACT Productions, LLC

Director's  Statement 

I grew up in a time where being "in the closet" was the norm for the Black LGBTQ+ community.  I’ve never subscribed to suppressing, hiding, or muting myself or the story of my experiences.  Many learn, GROW, are educated and inspired by my stories; that's why I share them.  I’m an advocate of story telling and a true believer that speaking and listening to personal stories can produce some of the best lessons, offer some of the healthiest advice, create greater understanding, suggest options and alternatives, and promote living a life without shame, fear, or embarrassment. In my lifetime I’ve heard hundreds of stories from individuals across the United States and I have been educated, enhanced,  and empowered because I know those stories.  Black Rainbow Love is a collage of our stories  that should be experienced, inhaled, digested, and referenced by everyone.


Angela Harvey grew up in Cleveland, Ohio but currently resides in Wake Forest, NC. She is no stranger to being in front of and behind the camera and is usually holding a microphone. Ms. Harvey, a proud and never closeted lesbian is a motivational speaker, counselor, and a self-identified GROWTHologist; helping GROWNG folks GROW up. Angela has empowered others via radio; Conversations with Angie Harvey, produced several personal GROWTH videos: Keeping It Real Series, and facilitated hundreds of personal GROWTH workshops, presentations, retreats and keynotes with 60+ organizations, companies, and colleges. On her journey to becoming a storyteller and encouraging others to share their stories she has been privileged to hear some of the greatest romantic love, self love, familial love, platonic love, community love, and spiritual love stories from individuals and couples from around the world. Black Rainbow Love isn’t the first time Angela has created a platform for stories of the Black LGBTQ+ community to be heard however it is her first time directing and producing a film that creatively compile them.

Ken Branson

Director of Photography

Editor,  Sound Design

MasterMIND Productions 

"Black Rainbow Love is one of THE most moving documentaries that will ever come thru the hands of MMP. Thank you for trusting me. I’m so freakin emotional right now. I’m so happy to be on purpose in life. Angie you are my inspiration!! You will change the lives of countless individuals with this documentary and you may never know it. Don’t stop Angie! You. Are. A. Gift. From. God."


Ken Branson, a Published Photographer & Independent Filmmaker, has earned over a million dollars from Visual Storytelling after starting a business from the basement of his church. Some of his clients include Google, AARP, Cisco and a host of National & International Organizations, Churches, Colleges & Universities. Through therapy and the journey of self-awareness, Ken learned that the negative drama he attracted in life could be re-directed into a healthier and profitable form of drama…STORYTELLING! This basement level strength is continually being refined everyday as Ken makes a full-time living helping Businesses and Organizations get their messages out through effective storytelling. As a result, Ken is a strong advocate for therapy and believes we all have basement-level strengths that can be taken to the balcony when identified and properly nurtured.

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