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'Daring, tender and fascinating...' Robert Macfarlane


'Robert Jellicoe has written a fabulous book - rich and strange - that recovers the lives and voices of an almost-forgotten community, the longshore fishermen of Southwold...Daring, tender and fascinating, this is wonderful work.'
Robert Macfarlane

'What a treasury you have gathered here! '
Adam Nicolson

'This is an extraordinary piece of oral history that brings a bygone community vividly back to life and deserves to sit on the same bookshelf occupied by Ronald Blythe and George Ewart Evans.'
D.J. Taylor


'... this blends fascinating and in-depth research with engaging and readable prose. There have been books about Norfolk folklore over the years (though not as many as you might think) but there’s been nothing quite like this...there’s the sheer breadth - from those devil dogs to witches, sacred springs to magic stones, love divination to fairy stories, restless spirits to folksongs... Peter is interested in anything and everything which reflects local traditions.'

Trevor Heaton