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We're always looking for ways to expand our group, and take advantage of the skills and experience each of our members can offer. The best ways to get involved is to send us an email at

Why get involved?

    • A good society requires a good government and good leaders and representatives in that government
    • We try to identify the best persons as political candidates, and the best positions to advocate on issues, and we work to help put those people into and those positions into law and policy.
    • We believe we must have a government of the people, by the people, and for the people
    • As Thomas Jefferson said, democracy requires "eternal vigilance"

How to get involved -- opportunities

    • Volunteer for publicity and educational outreach efforts
    • Join the leadership team/board
    • Donate funds

Getting and giving information

    • To start receiving regular Blackberry Pie Society "Action Alerts", send an email to with the words "Subscribe Me!" in the subject line.

Act Local!

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