BK404 is a boutique music performance machine. Similar to working with an SP404, but it has no recording, editing, or sequencing features and is optimized entirely for live performance. Pocket-sized box boots up in seconds. Add a MIDI controller and rock anywhere, no computer needed.


  • Unlimited file count and expandable memory (128GB+ via USB thumb drive)
  • Smooth scrolling through files (no paging)
  • Limited set of effects, designed for live play and always available (no multi-effect menu)
  • Per-file effect bypass
  • Supports pressure-sensitive MIDI controllers like the QuNeo for expressive play. Currently QuNeo is the only supported controller, although more may be added.
  • No editing or sequencing feature clutter. No master clock or grid. Predictable behaviour.
  • Drag-n-drop wav files onto the micro-sd card or stick in a USB thumb drive (no unusual memory cards or janky software tools)
  • Designed from 20+ years of live performance and programming experience, drawing inspiration from beat machines, turntables, and software solutions.

Who is it for?

BK404 is for beatmakers who want a simple and reliable way to perform. It is for anyone who wants to work with tracks, loops, and samples, without being stuck behind a screen or in a grid. It gives you immediate hands-on control over your music. It does not replace turntables, and is not a good fit for DJs who beat-match and blend.

Project Status

Currently distributing a few rev2 beta units for testing. Collecting bug reports and feature requests.

It is not my intent to mass-produce these, but to handcraft a limited number for musicians .

If you are interested, fill out the form.