About me

I'm a Business Plan Writer, qualified Management Accountant and Financial Adviser. I'm also a Director at Firmindex.co.uk Ltd, an accountancy firm based in London UK. Overall, I have over 20 years’ experience of managing and helping several businesses.

Contact me today and we will see how I would help your business.

Why should you choose me?

  • I offer 20-minute free phone or Skype consultation
  • I write business plans for all purposes, e.g. for visa applications, corporate loans or investors requirements
  • I offer comprehensive business, accountancy and payroll advice
  • Confidentiality is my priority; clients' ​data is protected and managed according with the General Data Protection Regulation in the UK. ICO reg Z278171X

Popular reasons for a business plan

  • Setting up a new company or charity
  • Loan or grant applications
  • Visa applications for entrepreneurs
  • Clarification of a business strategy
  • Landlord’s requirement for commercial premises
  • Financial forecasts, e.g. revenue, profit, cash flow, taxes
  • White labelled business plans for other accountancy firms

Business plan procedure