Real Estate Agents And The Most Bizarre Questions Asked At An Open House

A real estate agent from Brooklyn was asked by a potential buyer if they could turn off all the lights; draw the blinds, as he wanted to see the house at its darkest. Unsure of what else to do, the realtor complied and found out later that the potential buyer was a CEO of a major start-up company and more than a little eccentric.

Michael Lyons, a real estate broker out of Hollywood was asked how to keep alligators from coming up from the toilet, and he suggested pouring vinegar in the bowl and flush once every month. Most times alligators lurk in pools, yards, and ponds for their preferred spot. Benny Kang in Irvine, California was asked why a garage was not finished. He responded with the general idea that garages are not living spaces, but a place to park your car in.

In Washington D.C., real estate agent Kate Julian was asked a rather sensitive topic in regards to any swingers living in the neighborhood. Unsure what really to think or say, she came up with the idea that maybe the couple should maybe get to know their neighbors a bit better, and they might find a couple like themselves. Pate Stevens, a real estate agent located in Beverly Hills, California had a potential buyer that wanted to check out a property at midnight to see if the moon affected his soul. While Pate found the request odd, he didn’t think there was any harm in letting the man come back at midnight. Unfortunately, the potential buyer wasn’t interested in the property as the moon felt wrong to him.

Another real estate agent, Chike Uzoka in Newark, New Jersey was asked by a client if the car located at the property came with the house. While in house sales, there can be things that come with a house like a washer and dryer or dishwasher, it’s probably a good chance that unless it is listed as part of the house package, nothing else is, but it doesn’t hurt to ask. Julie McDonough an agent out of Southern California had a buyer ask if the homeowner would give him the house without a down payment as a seller could deed a property without the need of credit or money. Most homeowners are going to request a down payment to buy their home, so buyers should be aware of that.

Larry Prigal, a real estate agent from Gaithersburg, MD was asked if there were any bodies buried on the property, and he joked with the buyer that he wasn’t aware of any bodies, but if the client bought the property they could dig around to look. A client asked Chris Dossman an agent out of Indianapolis if a property was haunted by ghosts. Another asked Kimberly Sands, an agent from Wilmington, North Carolina was asked by a buyer if she could pray to see if God wanted her to buy the property, and things became even more bizarre. Kimberly decided to gracefully exit and wait outside.

While no question about buying a house is a stupid one, one can see how some things might get a bit strange for real estate agents when unique people have unique questions.