Where Brexit started

Where Brexit started..
The 'red' map was of the Predicted Vote fro Brexit - a couple of months before the actual vote. The early thrust for Brexit is indicated by red - the redder the more so. Look at how the red areas with dark borders map with the yellow areas in right hand map of UK farming. This yellow is the arable - ie ploughed - land which grows our grain and vegetables and where many EU migrant workers grow and gather those crops in -what I call - the plantations.
I doubt that many in those areas who were voting to Brexit were doing so because of the monocultures and soil degradation - also part of the plantation model. If we are to Brexit, surely this is a priority to grow our healthy food in better ways than this.
Yet there are no signs. You can see it is not being addressed, and our retailers are pushing to maintain access to migrant workers - wherever they are from. Bittersweet Brexit points some ways forward.
What are all those people who voted Brexit in these areas - sung about by the Bard of Barking in 'Full English Brexit', going to feel if very little changes?

Or did it start earlier? Compare these two maps - of the incidence of 'Mad Cow' disease in the early 1990s and the actual Brexit vote.