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National News

BBC What do farmers think about Brexit? Some see export opportunities - eg China and Qatar, others see reliance on EU migrant workforce.

Food Foundation say that "a triple impact of exchange rates, labour costs and tariffs are likely to make it even harder for us all to get our 5-a-day. Those on a low income, such as the 1 in 5 people earning below the Real Living Wage, will be impacted the most"

The head of the dairy giant ARLA, indirectly responsible for over 100,000 jobs, said their industry is facing "the biggest seismic change in the political and financial landscape in our lifetime" and called on the UK Government “to publish its future plans for agriculture in the UK through a parliamentary bill at the earliest opportunity early next year ".

What's on the menu outside the EU? "Will the price of food in supermarkets go up, or down? And will food safety standards change? "

What ADAS says farmers need to do to prepare for Brexit

AHDB Report on Brexit Scenarios maps out "the range of possible post-Brexit situations and quantify their impact on UK farming, so far lacking from the post-referendum debate." The UK will still want to import Italian parma ham, Spanish chorizo, Irish beef, French cheeses etc. In these cases, even if the UK does not impose tariffs, there will be higher trade costs moving these goods through customs and port health checks. The AHDB estimates these additional costs could add 8 per cent to food from the EU.