Magic Money Tree

The Prime Minister says that there is no such thing as a 'magic money tree'.
Yet there is a orchard of them in the City of London, open only to bankers. It is called Quantitative Easing, enabling bankers to pick the bounteous harvest of £350 billion that the government gave them after the financial crash in 2018. What if we - the people - had that sort of sum of money? We could create a fabulous system of food and farming - healthy for us and the planet. More on the two Magic Money Trees - the state and the banks.
After the Brexit vote, the Bank of England pledged to buy another £60 billion worth of government bonds with newly created money and to pay off £10 b of corporate debt. The BoE pledged a further possible £100b for banks to pass on the interest rate cuts.

In Private Eye June 2018, 'The Headmistress' (Mrs May) writes..

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